Week 5/52

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To start of the week with a cute song and video by Royksopp – Poor Leno

The Boxes In The Hall

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Sometimes poems can sound just like music and you just want to read them again and again

In every Room of our time together there is a box,
Of memories we shared,
Now is the time to pack away,
With Sadness and with Care.

The first is a simple smile,
Whenever I thought of you,
Neatly folded into four,
It’s the best that I could do.

Next are all the memories,
Of the times when we were two,
Wrapped with love one by one,
Sealed with tears as glue.

And then there are the butterflies,
I had when you were near,
Now in a cage of sadness,
And locked up with a tear.

Next are the times we kissed,
Each one wrapped with a sigh,
Placed next to a rolled up list,
Of all the times I’ve asked myself why.

Now to pack are the pieces of my heart,
Gathered in a pile,
Each one wrapped up tenderly,
And placed next to a distant smile.

Finally all the shattered wishes,
Placed in softly so no more can break,
Covering them over trying not to cry,
So they would not all ache.

Lastly walking round each room,
Closing each and every curtain,
Shutting each and every door,
Leaving behind each and ever pain.

Gathering up the memories we shared,
Making sure I’ve got them all,
Packing them softly because I cared,
Leaving them in the boxes in the hall.

Author – Unknown

Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer Act

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These two amazing, young boys – Leondre (rapper) is aged 13, Charlie (singer) is aged 15 are writing and performing their own songs in a bid to try and publicize subjects such as bullying. It is not easy to sing your heart out in front of thousands of people. Personally I think they are very talented and huge role models to their and younger generation.

The LYRICS are as follows:

Check it out
Oh no
Here we go

Please help me God, I feel so alone
I’m just a kid, how can I take it on my own
I’ve lost too many tears just writing this song
Trying to fit in, where do I belong?
I wake up every day, don’t want to leave my home
My momma’s askin’ me why I’m always alone
Too scared to say, too scared to holler
I’m walking to school with sweat around my collar
I’m just a kid, I don’t want no threats
My gloves are bad, my life’s a mess
The names you call me, they hurt real bad
I want to tell my Mom
She’s havin’ trouble with my Dad
I feel so tight there’s nowhere to turn
Just goin’ to school
Don’t wanna fight I wanna learn
So please mister bully
Tell me what I’ve done
You know I have no Dad
I’m livin’ with my Mom

Hopeful, yes I am
Hope for today
Take this music where you sit
Let it take you away
And be hopeful, hopeful
And He’ll make a way
I know it ain’t easy but that’s okay
Just be hopeful

Why do you trip every single thing?
I didn’t ask to be born but now I have to pay
I ain’t got no money, take all I have
When I give it to you, you search all my bags
I feel so scared when you shout me down
You kick me, punch me, throw me to the ground
When I ask you what have I done
You hit me again, make fun of my Mom!

Hopeful, yes I am
Hope for today
Take this music where you sit
Let it take you away
And be hopeful, hopeful
And He’ll make a way
I know it ain’t easy but that’s okay
Just be hopeful

What I wear is all I have
I look so hobo, livin’ from a bag
Yo mister bully, help me please
I’m flesh and blood, accept me please
Hey mister bully, I don’t know what to do
My mind it can’t explain what it did to you
Mister bully, take a moment please
Every single day you bring me to my knees

Hopeful, yes I am
Hope for today
Take this music where you sit
Let it take you away
And be hopeful, hopeful
And He’ll make a way
I know it ain’t easy but that’s okay
Just be hopeful

The Rah Band

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With lyrics like this – who can resist!

Pet Shop Boys – Leaving

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Another one that seems to say a lot!

Wisdom for October

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Life’s What You Make It Talk Talk

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One of my fav’s from the 90’s – Still makes a lot of sense!

R.I.P Robin Gibb

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The irony of life, we always start paying attention to life and esp people when they are gone!! I am sure just like me there are millions of people out there in the world who are actually searching for his all old, all time favourite songs and will be amazed to even notice some songs we actually forgot or just realised that it was actually sung by the Bee Gees..

Well – i am sure Bee Gees will end up with more likes, searches and even more sales to follow … however unfortunately Robin Gibb will never find out … “talented beyond even his own understanding”.

I hope you all enjoy the below video from One Night Only, these are almost 30 of his top all time hits..

Watch on Youtube: watch?v=x1iTp6aWm_Q&feature=related

Track Listing
 1. You Should Be Dancing 2. Alone
3. Massachusetts 4. To Love Somebody

5. I’ve Got A Message To You

6. Words

7. Closer Than Close

8. Islands in the Stream

9. One

10. Our Love (Don’t Throw It All Away)

11. Night Fever/More Than A Woman

12. Still Waters

13. Lonely Days

14. Morning of My Life

15. New York Mining Disaster 1941

16. Too Much Heaven

17. I Can’t See Nobody

18. Run To Me

19. And The Sun Will Shine

20. Nights on Broadway

21. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

22. Heartbreaker

23. Guilty

24. Immortality

25. Tragedy

26. I Started A Joke

27. Grease

28. Jive Talkin’

29. How Deep Is Your Love

30. Stayin’ Alive

31. You Should Be Dancing

They say that in the second before our death, each of us understands the real reason for our existence, and out of that moment, Heaven or Hell is born. Hell is when we look back during that fraction of a second and know that we wasted an opportunity to dignify the miracle of life. Paradise is being able to say at that moment: “I made some mistakes, but I wasn`t a coward. I lived my life and did what I had to do.” Paulo Coelho