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Happy Lohri 2014

January 13, 2014  |  30 days, Odds and Ends  |  2 Comments

Happy Lohri

Being a Punjabi, since childhood I remember we have always celebrated Lohri. Whether in a big way (that is by lighting of the fire outdoors) or just lighting a symbolic fire in the middle of the kitchen at home. My parents always made a point of teaching their children about our traditions and culture. More so because we don’t live in our own home country. Although been born and bought in Kuwait, this is home for me..

So what is Lohri?

Lohri is a very age old popular Punjabi festival, celebrated in the Indian subcontinent, particularly celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus. It falls on the same date every year Jan 13th. Lohri marks the winter solstice day, being the shortest day and the longest night of the year. It is  about singing and dancing around the bonfire and going around it at least seven times. We throw shelled peanuts, til (sesame seeds), popcorn, gur (jaggery) and rorhi in the fire too.. It a lot of fun when surrounded by friends and family especially in winters, when we all can do with a bit of heat to keep us warm.

So here’s wishing every one of my origin and whoever celebrates Lohri.. A Very Happy Lit Warm Lohri.

I am so looking forward to the bonfire tonight.. (Which is the most important feature of Lohri, No Bonfire, No Lohri)

For more on Lohri:

Gulf Run Car Show

January 11, 2014  |  30 days, Odds and Ends  |  No Comments

Gulf Run started back in 2005 to promote automobile racing. And my son and I make it a point to go see the cars well more for my son. My son is totally enamored by cars, especially sports cars/ race cars. Hence he is also a diehard fan and a collector of Hot wheels cars.

This show is all about displaying cars and the car enthusiasts can have a look at the hottest, fastest, coolest, rare cars. Soon they will be heading off to Bahrain International Circuit for the 8th annual event in about two weeks’ time. So if anyone of you is passionate enough about cars or racing, you know where to go.

For more information :

Resolution No.2

January 10, 2014  |  30 days, My Thought Bank  |  No Comments

Keep Calm and Be Patient!!

Reading is good

January 9, 2014  |  30 days, Rants and Raves  |  No Comments

I have never been much of a novel reader or a bookworm, except for browsing magazines or even better e-magazines. My favourite ones being Oprah, Elle, Cosmo, Reader’s Digest, Good Housekeeping etc. However I decided to dedicate more ‘me time’ to reading a book. I have had A friend s who can could finish a brand new novel in a day or two, and I always find that impossible. So one of my aim, wouldn’t call it a resolution, is to read more.

I have started on Brida this month, and hoping to finish it within this month too!! (Yes that long !!) Well at least it’s a start. Wish me Luck 🙂capa_Brida


January 8, 2014  |  30 days, My Thought Bank  |  3 Comments

“Some of us compromise ourselves in every situation and relationship because we unconsciously believe that we must always please others or make others happy in order to be loved, accepted, approved of, attended to, or supported”

Once we have suffered enough and are thus ready to honor and value ourselves without comprising our inner truths for anyone or anything, the universe will always step up to help us on our destined path.

I read the above and could not help sharing it here. Have a great day and Love Yourself first! So will you stop compromising or are you too weak to stop?

Food for Thought

January 7, 2014  |  30 days, My Thought Bank  |  No Comments

~ “When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there?” ~



January 6, 2014  |  30 days, Rants and Raves  |  No Comments

4-Year-Old Rips Up His Parents’ Life Savings — Literally

As a parent, it’s hard to know what to let your kids do sometimes to amuse themselves. Should you let their iPad be their babysitter? Should you let them flush a toilet 30 times, as a friend of mine did, rather than listen to them scream about how they want to flush the toilet? It’s a constant balancing act. (And, sorry, this planet is going to run out of water someday — in no small part to kids who flush the toilet 30 times.) One set of parents thought there was no harm in letting their 4-year-old boy rip up old books. It was keeping him occupied, and they didn’t want the books anyway. But then that little shredding habit wasn’t so cute when he found their life savings under the bed.

The parents of the little boy, who live in China, allowed their son to rip up old books, as it seemed to be something he enjoyed doing and what harm could there be in that?

The mom said:

We don’t have much time for reading here. We didn’t really care when he ripped up the old books we had lying around, and it was easy to buy very cheap old books down the market which he happily ripped into small pieces.

Hmm. I’d probably do the same. Keep the little bugger’s fingers occupied.

But then things started to go awry when they left the little ripper alone in the bedroom. Mom says:

I thought if I left him alone with a book for an hour it would be no problem and we could hear the ripping sounds from the kitchen but didn’t think anything of it.

This is beginning to sound like a horror movie. La de dah, everything is cool, nothing bad is gonna happen … la de dah …

You can just hear the Jaws theme music kick in as the tyke began to crawl around the room looking for more stuff to tear up and stumbled upon a gold mine under the bed. Sheets and sheets and sheets of paper. All there for the shredding!

So the kid went at it … ripping and ripping and ripping …

Only this time it wasn’t old books. It was the family’s life savings.

Yeah, I don’t know why they didn’t have it in a bank either. This is China. But I actually know people in the U.S. who keep significant amounts of cash in their homes. What with interest rates being so low and all …

So, yep, the kid ripped the family’s savings all up. They’d been saving up for a new home. It was around $5,000. Which would be bad enough in the U.S. but was a fortune in China.

Luckily, the family found a bank willing to exchange the torn up notes for new ones.

The mom says she’s learned her lesson, saying that she’s put a stop to her son’s “destructive” habit. When you think about it, there should have been much more instruction about what was okay to rip and what wasn’t … though who knows if the kid would have listened.

It’s always amazing to me how smart kids can be though. I once babysat a 2-year-old boy who routinely went into my purse to steal my money. He would bypass the makeup, the gadgets, everything in there … except the cash. Somehow, at 2 years old, he’d figured out that was the most important thing in there.


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Qout Market

January 5, 2014  |  30 days, Creativity, Odds and Ends  |  No Comments

So this is my third trip to the Qout market after it was launched in November 2013. Although I must say I quite enjoyed the first one which was held in the Arrya Car park. However due to more and more corporate companies participating they have moved the outdoor market to the Arraya Roof top. For those of you who have not visited it yet, it is held once a month on the first Saturday of each month (opens at 10:00am to 7:00pm) until April I guess since the weather is only great till then.

You will find everything from candles, soaps, handicrafts, food items like fresh bread, cheese, homemade cupcakes, jams, jarred chutneys to dips, fresh flowers, baby stuff, arts and crafts for the kids, Ansan has a corner the children to come and play with the animals (dogs, ducks, goats, turtles), hot food stands, quick meals also lots of local and organic produce and much more.












January 4, 2014  |  30 days, My Thought Bank  |  No Comments

Rain fell last night…quiet, gentle rain,

that tapped against my window pane,

and called me back from troubled sleep,

to soothe a heart too numb to weep.


My loneliness was too deep and real,

and like a wound that would not heal,

it throbbed within me, and I knew

my arms were empty without you.


But as I listened to the sound

of soft rain falling on the ground,

I heard your voice, tender and clear,

Call my name, and oh my dear,


I threw my window open wide,

to let the sweet rain rush inside.

It kissed my lips, my eyes, my hair,

and love, I knew that you were there.


Tears that my heart could not release

Fell down from Heaven, bringing peace.

Last night while gray clouds softly wept,

I held you in my arms and slept.


Author: James Rowe

Resolution No.1

January 3, 2014  |  30 days, My Thought Bank  |  No Comments

Love Yourself First!!