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Maadenaa Restaurant

August 30, 2012  |  Odds and Ends  |  1 Comment

It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a Kuwaiti restaurant, so when a friend of mine suggested that I should try Maadenaa in Kuwait City – I decided to give it a go since I was in Kuwait City at those afternoon hours of hunger… Located on the 28th floor of Burj Jassim it offers a spectacular view of Kuwait and has an ambience much unlike any other Kuwaiti restaurants I’ve been to.

I tried the Mutabbaq Hamour (Rice with Fish) along with Gabbout (stuffed flour dumplings in a meat stew).

The Mutabbaq was excellent, which comes with Hamour fillet pcs, the only reason i always opt for Hamour cox i dont like to chew on the bones however I ended up with a huge bone in one of them – ouch. The gabbout was good too, my only complaint would be that the dumplings were a bit too thick which at times masked the flavor of its stuffing. The portions were huge which left me too stuffed to try the desert so I opted for the Moroccan tea which was a perfect end of the meal. Oh – plus they dont serve any desserts – at least thats what the waiter told me…

Overall a great place to try Kuwaiti food with one of the best views of Kuwait I’ve seen. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the food, but I did get some of the restaurant! Enjoy!

Must try this out!

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Tuesday Reflections

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From Soul Sunday to Classic Monday we move on to Reflections on a Tuesday ….


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Soul Sunday

August 26, 2012  |  Rants and Raves  |  3 Comments

Good Afternoon 🙂 What a month!!

Time – hmnnn can’t tell if it’s stopped right now or just flying by so quickly. I can’t believe I have been missing in action here for such a long time and I have posted only four times this month, that’s unlike me. I am usually a very committed (which means dedicated and loyal to certain important things, people and stuff in my life and I plan and hope I can’t stick by those pledges or promises I make, unless of course something or someone is not taking me down in the bargain.. However, I feel really bad and it’s time to brush the dust away and stop procrastinating.  (I guess must be something or someone in the air, which makes you feel like nothing is worth your time…) Yes, I have been on zero inspiration doze and I don’t like that..

Must admit I hate leaving such big gaps – everything should be or shouldn’t be. So I decided I will try and blog more often like I used too. Well out of all this, the only thing I did was to push myself to take a short break and just leave, for a change of scenery, people, mind, food, language (the less they speak your language the better more peaceful I guess, but sometimes it can be a pain, if you need any kind of assistance.. but I guess this is life…. On a plus side, no time is ever wasted or is it? (Well that is a topic for another day). And now with the schools having restarted for some, at least for my big boy, Ramadan over, so early to bed and early to rise routine, hoping for better weather, better days… I need to get back in action, need to step up in full speed… Just need to do things, stuff more stuff… Well we can think and want all that we feel but it ain’t happening… so the best is to just go with the flow.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead, Well I am going to be busy with running to the school (fee, uniforms and all the last minute things we leave to the very last minute), go to the service center for installing a part that just arrived, groceries (never ending), my knee is killing me so maybe an X-ray, I think I need a visit to the optician too, convince my maid to stay for another year, if not look for another one, Ooops forgot to mention (still have to complete the school projects.… and with all this happening I hope I can find time for some retail therapy or a day at the spa at least… Why do I feel like another break already ???? Oh did I mention I need to go the dentist too .. And also perhaps take my son to the movies, the Dark Knight Rises or something…

Got to Run…


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Flowers dont always have to be for a reason… (Sorry, Thank you or for an occassion), sometimes just the thought of getting someone flowers and to see them 🙂 is just WOW and touching…

Have a great Weekend and thank you for the flowers once again. Babe

Monday Mood

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There is one missing and yet kneeling on one : Nothing stops him from doing what he wants to do.You cant always have everything but it is upto you how to make the most of what you have. So count your blessings not your money, Money you can borrow – Time you cannot.!

(This is a picture of a guy in Ethopia)

Bon Voyage

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I sit here and the tears well up in me
From reading words that reach so easily
The grief that lies so close beneath my skin
That grief I feel, when parted from my kin
I think I know that there’s a better place
But I won’t know for sure ’til that I face
And sometimes thinking that, will ease my pain
Which now is fading, truly, in the main
‘Though sometimes words will bring it to the fore
And I will sit and cry again some more
Those memories and not forgotten dreams
Are trapped inside for evermore, it seems
‘Til comes the day when life will set me free
And I may find that immortality.