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Silver Linings Playbook

January 28, 2013  |  Rants and Raves  |  No Comments

I haven’t seen many movies this year, but I must say I loved watching Silver Linings Playbook. With such an impeccable cast (Anupam Kher, Bradley Cooper, Chris Tucker, Jacki Weaver, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Stiles, Robert De Niro) I think anyone would enjoy it.

With our daily insanities, deranged things and our crazy selves, we find ourselves drifting in and out of love or devotion, rationalizing decisions and walking the line between our obsessions and our actions.

It is a well-directed movie with lots of mixed feelings about mental illness, family, positivity, hopes and a remarkable entertainment. Foolishly cute but not overdone..

Kudos to director David O. Russell for managing all of this, and putting all these pieces collectively to make a delightful film.

All in All –  we all need to grow up sooner or later and handle the truthful situations of our lives and move on …. I loved it and I think you guys will too – So Enjoy it!



January 26, 2013  |  Rants and Raves  |  3 Comments

I happen to chance upon this place…. I am sure, pictures say a thousand words.. All in all, a very capacious, well lit, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

“Someday” serves you with an assortment of sandwiches, snacks, salads, breakfast menu, hot and cold beverages and of course my favorite part of the meal “desserts”… in a wide range..

For deliveries and prices, see link below :





















Horsemeat in Beef

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The most important meal of the day 😉

New Buffet Menu


My fav kind of food.


Just the way i like it


To have a very delectable breakfast in a relaxing atmosphere – is the perfect way to start of any day…

Best things in life.

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There are many things in life that we would consider awesome – buying a new car, winning the lottery or going on an exotic vaccation. But sometimes, the best things in life aren’t things. Spending time and sharing special moments with your loved ones is what really makes life worthwhile.

Now who would do that? Moments ;-)

mes lunettes dans le café – funny moments 😉



January 8, 2013  |  Creativity  |  1 Comment

Hickies – No, its not what you think ??

Hickies are the new way to say bye-bye to shoe laces…No more teaching your young ones to tie a shoe lace, worry about the perfect bow or about them tripping and falling if they dont do a good job. I recently received my order of Hickies and i can already say that i dont have to worry about my laces being equal or getting dirty… with this new invention – you can very easily replace your traditional shoe laces (no more tie or untie) and make your shoes into slip ons.

Link :

My son is so happy with his new hickies... so much easier for everyone..

My son is so happy with his new hickies… so much easier for everyone..

Say Hello to Hickies

Say Hello to Hickies

Life With Cacao

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Cappucino at Cacao

Cappucino at Cacao

Love they tagline - we should all have an appetite for life..Love their tagline – we should all have an appetite for life..

my Favorite - French Toast with Mixed berries no to miss the creme

My Favorite – French Toast with Mixed Berries not to miss the creme

a simple egg with salad breakfast.

a simple breakfast with an omelette and a salad

Defintely “a must go again” for me!!