Singarea Korean

This place is not so easy to locate, cox it is located in one of those furniture complex/ plaza  in Dajeej and it is kinda hidden. It is both a Asian supermarket that sells wide variety of Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese foodstuff and just above it is the restaurant (there have low sitting and of course the tables and chair). Both the supermarket and the restaurant are quite spacious and neat. The restaurant has a very homely atmosphere and a very sweet lady to receive you and also assist you in ordering the kind of food you would like to have. I was very impressed when i found this place and how it has always been there and no one ever knew about it however they do have they own clientele coming there all the time, mostly families with kids too.. so that’s when i say it is very homely and a comfortable place to go without dressing up too fancy.

And the best part is they are very quick too, so if you are in the area and want to have a quick lunch break, its the place to go.. So a friend and I ended up there just the other day and its not my first time, but somehow i never end up taking picture, of course because i am too hungry to wait and click, but this time I took a few cox i had to blog about it.. and here it is :

To start of with they give you some onions, kimchi and Green paper like thing (seaweed)

We ordered the dumpling soup – which was not to bad, i prefer dipping the dumplings alone in the sweet chilly sauce i asked for.

I loved they Salt and pepper Dry prawns with extra roasted garlic and herbs /spices

Garlic Fried rice is a must for me, (tired and tested) and the chicken was nice, tender and crispy with the right amount of sauce and vegetables.

All in all – the few dishes that i have tired on my visits – it is def a go to place. I also picked up frozen Edamame from the supermarket and i have yet to try that at home.

Ooopps and the dessert Frappe: Mixed Fruits topped with sweet red bean paste and ice cream of you choice with some more chilled blueberry syrup. (hmnnn did i like it? NOPE!) but i knw some aficionado of food and drink who love to try everything and have no issues with it at all. And you do get a welcome tea, which is not the normal green tea, i am forgetting what it is called right now..

Hope you guys enjoy it – I forgot to take pic of the supermarket but thats ok i guess 😉


In love with your words

I do not care what car you drive, where you live. If you know someone who knows someone who knows someone. If you clothes are this years cutting edge. If your trust fund is unlimited. If you are A-list, B-list or never heard of you list. I only care about the words that flutter from your mind. They are the only thing you truly own. The only thing I will remember you by. I will not fall in love with your bones and skin. I will not fall in love with the places you have been. I will not fall in love with anything but the “words” that flutter from your extraordinary mind.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

I must say it was a pure delight and treat to watch “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” casting Ewan McGregor as Alfred “Fred” Jones a man with Asperger’s syndrome however he is a Fisheries expert. Emily Blunt as Harriet Chetwode-Talbot who is a Consultant, Kristin Scott Thomas as Patricia Maxwell the Prime Minister’s press secretary and Amr Waked as Sheikh Muhammad who wants to fulfill his desire to introduce salmon fishing to Yemen which is barely a desert.

I like Fred becox he’s very passionate about what he does, hes not into money but he is actually very attached to the fish and he actually says “When things get tricky in my life, I talk to my fish.” which he does.. i find that very personal and touching. Ok!! I am not going to narrate the full story here…

Although the name makes you think twice before actually having to put it on, I personally found it to be funny, of course lots of drama and the romantic “chemistry” between Blunt and McGregor was just WOW.. It is a pleasant watch if you have the patience to appreciate it..

It gives you an old fashioned, picturesque view of faith, hope, dreams, love and some fish too..

Hope you enjoy it too!!

Schezwan Bhel

I recently visited the newly opened City Center in Dhajeej, and when I saw a container of Ching’s Secret Schezwan Bhel sitting on the shelf, I couldn’t resist but pick one up (yup just one).

I was curious as to what kind of Shake, Shake, Shake – Secouez, Secouez, Secouez (snack mix with sauce) would taste.

Well the container consists of:  Bhel mix, Schezwan sauce, spoon and tissue… All you got to do is open, mix and eat; you actually have the container to mix it in!! More like instant noodles – the only good thing is you don’t have to wait for it to cook, rather if you wait too long after you have mixed it up; it gets very tasteless, mushy and soggy!!

If you don’t mind the spicy sweet sauce (and I mean spicy (for me) then go ahead a try it on the crunchy corn flakes and the rest of the ingredients…

Would I buy it again (hmnnnn I guess not)

Is it worth a try (of course – must try everything)

Have you tried it already – let me know…

Baking Tray

Definitely a Must order again…

To start off with loved my Ginger Chicken Puff – Yes! I normally would do not eat chunks of ginger or order something with ginger floating in it but thanks to my friend who insisted I must try this. Well, can’t be more happy with it, I could feel it, chew it and yet I was Ok with it … so something you ought to try!! The size may not seem so big at a glance but trust me it is stuffed.. with amazing seasoned and flavoured chicken and ginger of course (which is good for your digestion too 🙂 )

Btw I quite like they packing but i guess the hunger took over and i forgot to take the picture of the actual Puff but you will have to just trust me on it .

Accompanied by a fresh orange juice as always, well mostly.. and then I tried they Nutty Organic Chocolate brownie… topped with lots and lots of nuts… very soft  (actually much softer than a brownie is supposed to be) but as long as I savored it – and it made me go NUTS About u (the brownie).

 Nope it’s not over yet, I still had the Roasted Chicken Quiche – It’s not everywhere you get to order a Quiche and esp a nice one, normally i would have a Mushroom and Chicken but it’s always fun to contemplate something different.

Check out he kool looking box.

And Voila… I can say I had a Hearty Meal!

Sawadee ka

It’s been ages since I had some Thai food, I am sure all of my friends who have just returned from Thailand won’t have the same feeling. But yesterday I was really craving for Thai food, cox I love Thai food and when I am hungry I rather go somewhere tired and tested then go someplace new..

So I went to my good old Sabaidee… So far that place hasn’t let me down personally.. And just love the way that lady welcomes you loudly “Sawadee Ka”.. And you say it back and it just brings a smile on your face..

Well my favorites are:

Starters : The Tom Yum Soup (usually the shrimp) Small or Large depending on the company

Followed by Gai Satay (Grilled Chicken marinated in peanut sauce) I can never seem to have enough of that peanut sauce..

Like I said if you have company, we can try quite a few things : so the next one would be

Talay Phao (Grilled Seafood – but I rather just go for the shrimps, their size is pretty amazing too)

And now on to the main course

Has to be the good old Khao Pad Kratiam (Garlic Fried Rice) accompanied by either Pa Naeng (Red Curry) or Gaeng Khew Wan (Green Curry) in Chicken or Shrimp again..

Do try they Iced tea also, And if at all you are not in the mood for the above just simply order they Noodle Soup, you can choose the type of noodles and the ingredients and it can really fill you up. The only hitch being you might find it a bit salty for your taste buds..

Pom chop kin aharn pet, ka (which means I like to eat hot food, so I like they little burners under the dishes which keep the curry piping hot).

Well – “Kob Khun ka” (Thank you) Saibaadee for the Aroy dee ka (very tasty) lunch, I had no appetite for dinner ..