My Recycled Decopatched Tissue Box

It feels nice, when some people remember small details about you NOT  because you always remind them but JUST because they care.

So a friend of mine, was kind enough to get me the Decoupage stuff I have been talking about and so terribly wanting to go out and buy, but somehow I keep postponing it…

Well! Guess what?  I have loads of it now and yesterday I made this – do tell me what you think about it. (If you move the cursor on the pictures in the given order – it gives you a brief description)

I started out with an empty tissue box (had to initiate my recycling as well as creativity).. Thanks B…..

3 thoughts on “My Recycled Decopatched Tissue Box”

  1. Thank you so much Nita, i so wish i could a lot more though… Inshallah!! love to the little hero..

  2. Hahaha.. I like the last 2 captions.. Here’s my new tissue box… with some tissues.. Mashi you soo cute nooo! muaah!

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