DIY at home with KIDS

For whatever reason, we always want to sit down with our kids around and do some art and craft even more during their  summer holidays, and to avoid the heat outdoors…

Here’s something that will keep them indoors and keep them busy for a while.

Its quick , simple and easy..
Things needed : scissors, scotch tape, scale, glue gun, double sided tape (transparent), a pen or a pencil, old magazines, cans to recycle and some beads for decoration
  1. Take a empty used can of any kind
  2. Cut equal strips from any old (colorful) magazine
  3. Cover the base with one of the strip all around the can with the help of double sided tape
  4. Take a pen or a pencil and roll the cut pieces of paper strips to get tubes, stick the roll with a tiny scotch tape.
  5. Then glue the paper tube to the can with the help of theh glue gun, repeat all around untill all full
  6. Viola! done – to make it a bit more attractive – decorate the rim with any beads (any color or shape)
  7. And you have just made a holder for your various stationary items..


2 thoughts on “DIY at home with KIDS”

  1. i’m totally addicted to pinerest and the DIY crafts! bringing supplies for lots this time around!

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