Love(ing) day to all

September is here, and we are all geared for or rather hoping for a change in the weather, change in our routines after the summer holidays have ended and as my post of yesterday reads, Change in ourselves, our lives all for the better that is if we need too (maybe gyming). I do not want to sound like “You have to change” its just a general thing, so ppl please do not take it personally, plus its my blog and I am free to state what i feel like ;-).. lol Cheeky me!

So as I was saying I want to dedicate this month to Love, Food (that i love – btw planning to go veg for this month – i hope i can stick to it), things (that i love), chocolates (that i love), fragrances (that i adore), must be much more and of course all the random posts that i will be posting that i love…. and a few shots of my photography from my recent trip…..

Till Then.. Wishing everyone a Loving Day!!

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