Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

I must say it was a pure delight and treat to watch “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” casting Ewan McGregor as Alfred “Fred” Jones a man with Asperger’s syndrome however he is a Fisheries expert. Emily Blunt as Harriet Chetwode-Talbot who is a Consultant, Kristin Scott Thomas as Patricia Maxwell the Prime Minister’s press secretary and Amr Waked as Sheikh Muhammad who wants to fulfill his desire to introduce salmon fishing to Yemen which is barely a desert.

I like Fred becox he’s very passionate about what he does, hes not into money but he is actually very attached to the fish and he actually says “When things get tricky in my life, I talk to my fish.” which he does.. i find that very personal and touching. Ok!! I am not going to narrate the full story here…

Although the name makes you think twice before actually having to put it on, I personally found it to be funny, of course lots of drama and the romantic “chemistry” between Blunt and McGregor was just WOW.. It is a pleasant watch if you have the patience to appreciate it..

It gives you an old fashioned, picturesque view of faith, hope, dreams, love and some fish too..

Hope you enjoy it too!!

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