Red Mango

Having tried Pinkberry a couple of times and falling in love with it, I thought about trying other frozen yogurt places here in Kuwait. Since I was at 360, I saw Red Mango and had to go for it. The name though – Why ? It seems too much in the same vein as Pinkberry , What’s next GreenBanana?

Back to the review – They have 4 flavors – Original, Mixed Berry, Vanilla and Chocolate as well as a some very interesting parfaits and smoothies. But since I was there for the frozen yogurt, I decided to go for the medium mixed berry with my favorite toppings – blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and mango.
End Result – Excellent! This could be the start of a new addiction, goodbye Baskin Robin (except Pralines ‘n Cream) – Hello Frozen Yogurt ! I will be trying out other frozen yogurt places soon – so if you wanna know the results , you know where to come back! If any of you have tried out other frozen yogurt places here in Kuwait, please feel free to share you review and experiences.. Have a bacciferous weekend!! 😉

2 thoughts on “Red Mango”

  1. Thrilled with this post coz I love frozen yoghurt. Do give Napket’s frozen yoghurt a try. I love their watermelon and honeydew flavors. The original is pretty good too. Surprisingly another tasty frozen yoghurt is IKEA’s.

    1. Hey, thanks… i have tried their breakfast but have yet to try their frozen yogurt… and everytime i go to Ikea, i somehow feel it’s easier to hop to Pinkberry’s but now i will surely give it a try… Thanks

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