Driving In Kuwait

Driving in Kuwait can at best be described as an adventure

People seem to think of their cars as an extension of their own ego’s and therefore it takes very little to get their fragile ego’s bruised.

Today morning was no exception-, as I left home for work, bright and chirpy listening to my “Yippe it’s a new day- Music Mix”, I came across an accident. From the looks of it the guy had reversed his car on to the road while leaving his building (presumably at great speed) and got rear ended by a bus. As I waited for the traffic to move – I realized that it was the attitude of the people passing by that was causing the chaos – the habit of rubbernecking  just leads to more traffic build up. If you can’t help then don’t hinder – move on and if the emergency services are required then they can come in faster! Anyway so while trying to traverse this anarchy I met the second cause of the chaos – people who need to get somewhere before anyone else. 20 minutes of listening to someone honking away because he needed to get ahead of me lead me from being bright and chirpy to moody and grumpy. So it got me thinking, I really didn’t need this first thing in the morning. – Why can’t people be more pleasant? All that is required is a smile or a hand wave to make everything go smoothly instead of this early morning aggression.

So people of Kuwait be safe – drive safe, be kind and smile. You can make or break someone else’s day with your actions!!

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