Thank You

Since it is the 1st of November and I have this unknown fascination for round numbers, esp. if I want to start something or do something, it has to be on 1st, 5th, 10th and so on… I guess i can keep a better record of things this way!!

I know I have mentioned Gratitude before and its officially been six months since I began this blog and I feel today is a good day to thank each one of you who have stopped by here, just had a look, or left their encouraging words, or even met me personally and took the time to appreciate it.

Of all the people, I would like to thank a very dear friend of mine, who actually got me started on this and believed in me that if I want I can be serious and stick to something for a long time.. So thank you for being there and helping me out..

I would like to thank the friends I have who are genuinely happy for me as they would be for themselves. (Only they would know in their heart of hearts)

Thank you for my dear family and friends (also includes some of my present colleagues and some in the past) who overlook my faults and tolerate my moronic jokes.

Thank you for all the wishes which came in different forms of calls, sms’s, fb’s bb’s, emails, e-cards, flowers, chocolates, gifts, hugs, visitors, (4) cakes for my birthday and even the warm
wishes on Diwali from everyone.

For some long distance friends, thank you for still being my friend and not allowing time to affect that.

Thank you friends for creating beautiful memories with me in the past / present and hopefully in the future (if not, I have the past – lol!)

I also thank you for your kindness for bearing in with me on this long post. And how much it means to me to write this.

So I would like all of you to be sincere to yourself first and then with your friends. Once in a while stop and ask them how they are doing or just w ait and watch if they have anything they want to share with you – it could be something as simple as they jokes, they smiles, they embarrassments or could be something painful, but please tell them they have a friend and that friend is YOU.

Take a moment, to thank your family or friends, pen a few lines here to them or email them or even sms them. They is nothing wrong in expressing your feelings, you will be grateful you did and they will be so glad to receive it.

In case, they are confused with your ultra-nice behavior – just send them my link 😉

You never know you might make someone else’s day and they will get inspired to do the same!! It’s just two Words : THANK YOU! It can help you and paint the prettiest smile on your face too!

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  1. Wow! Nice!! Hope u are always surrounded by love! and chutti shuri ho gayi hai so Im going to come back n take a look at ur blog! TC, darlin!

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