Often it is the case that  pride has resulted in being the central cause of a broken relationship, and our ego’s are the walls that prevent reconciliation and therefore stop us from our own happiness.

Pride is that comfortable pillow that we can snuggle to when we feel that we have been hurt by someone but it can also prevent you from reconnecting from people after a conflict.When we get hurt, we tend to use pride as a way to hurt the other party back in a passive way , typical is the knee jerk reaction of cutting off contact or making conversation with the other party as cold as possible while they are trying to reconcile.  Realize that both parties have some portion of blame in the cause and effect of a conflict. It is the easiest thing to raise your hands and say that none of it is your fault, and it is very difficult to overcome pride and be the first person to step forward to prevent the relationship to deteriorate further.

Having said that, keep in mind that reconciliation has to be a joint effort wherein both parties must resolve to understand each other better.  Extend the olive branch but make sure that you don’t reach a point of time wherein you want to use it as a whip 🙂

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