Coming up 4.1

Birthday meAnd so soon I start another year in my life, a milestone achieved and with milestones comes reflection time. For me I think i have settled into knowing my flaws are never going to be completely overcome, no matter how hard I try. Life is a spiral and with every level , I want to be a better version of myself – start level 40 with being indignant at other people’s ignorance and reach level 41 where I am now more tolerant and try to figure out where the ignorance stems from. Now I am less judgmental and seek to understand and accept. Another spiral and a better version of me – 4.1 – newer and improved !

I guess that is what one can really do in life – better oneself in every way – accept that you are flawed and work at improving ┬ádaily- be it my addiction to chocolate and my aversion to exercise – work at each and every little bit to┬ámake a better me.

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