If you ever come to the realization that the person you are with sulks it can be the turning point of the relationship. People who sulk are habitual manipulators who do it only to get you to conform to their wishes. Should they realize that it works, welcome to a never ending cycle of watching them sulk to get you to agree to them. Hopefully the following thoughts might help:

Identify if they are the sulking type – typical indications would be:

  • Running and hiding at the first sign of a disagreement
  • Refusing to speak or acknowledge that there is an issue
  • Cold with rejection of any signs of affection
  • A different attitude when another person talks to them

Don’t take it personally – It’s not you – Repeat it to yourself – IT’S NOT YOU. The person sulking is responsible for his/her own immaturity. If you start taking it on yourself, in essence he/she has won and you have been manipulated.

Don’t stand for it – By hanging around and trying to smooth things over, you are playing in to their demands. Instead ignore and get on with your day.

It will change – If they realize that sulking is not working, gradually they will change and learn to grow out of it. If they decide that they cannot let go of trying to manipulate all the time , are you sure you want to be with them in the first place?

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