Good Morning!

I don’t know who’s been slower my computer or me .. 🙂 I thought I could use some time off to restore, refresh, recharge but it’s never enough and no matter how long you take a break from one thing, it leaves you back logged on a lot of other important issues/ stuff that you should actually be focusing on – I guess it’s time to catch up..  In short, keep moving on, don’t stop, let go, it’s no one else’s loss!

Whatever it is you or me are going through – all of it, “this moment will be just another story someday”.

So don’t let the trivial things of today weigh down your tomorrow just like it did yesterday…

Very often we get so DAMN involved in OUR own destination that we overlook to value the journey especially the kindness of the people we meet on the way. To understand and to appreciate is always overwhelming. Don’t ignore or postpone anyone or anything that needs your attention unless it’s going to kill you !!!!!

Next time u hear “I am Busy”

How many of you have the privilege of being a member of this very Exclusive Club …

Well let me tell you something If you let something slide, it’s because it wasn’t a priority, not because you were busy.”

And here’s additional reality check: because we’re all busy, no one genuinely cares about how busy anyone is? We all make time for what seems important or matters to us.

Too busy, always late – people who matter to you will let it pass by for a while. If you want to really connect despite being busy then you have to respect their needs and time as much as your own. Or else you are better off with the kind of people who are fine with that low level of effort and attention.

The rules for dealing with being “so busy” are pretty simple:

  • Stop being busy: If you are busy at work and it prevents you to do something else you want to, then stop being busy, it’s not rocket science!!
  • Stop whining and enjoy it: Busy people tend to do more, not less so enjoy it – it won’t last forever —however, being “so busy” that you become overwhelmed doesn’t help anyone.
  • Refresh: Before you end up with your own problem of being too busy, take a coffee break, go for a long walk, stop for a healthy snack, laze around for an hour or so.. And then get ready for the Busy-ness.

The more I actually write about this I realize how awful it sounds to complain about your workload and act as though you are the victim of the number of commitments in your Life!

So people, I think it is beautiful to be busy and I guess that’s our ultimate goal not to just waste way our life but keep ourselves occupied at all times, keep trying new things, learning new stuff, handling new situations, accepting new challenges etc. After all “Life is too short”. But I am getting a bit bored of hearing the constant excuse of “I am busy” for not achieving your deadlines or getting things done as a “Get out of Jail Free Card”.

Because sometimes that can make you look like a totally dyed-in-the-wool, out of your mind, highflyer…

Also, the difference between some people is for instance – some people are busy with things they love vs. people busy with obligations. So Stop and examine what you are doing and eliminate appropriately!

Because guess what: we all are busy !!!

Why bother smoking?

At times seeing my close friends and generally people at work or at social gatherings smoke, it doesn’t seem all that life threating at that moment. Until recently, a bunch of us were out for dinner and one of my non-smoking friend highlighted the dangers/ threats of smoking and I just had to go back and Google the facts for myself.

I also find it very hard to imagine when I see the 10yr/ 13yr olds on the beaches, streets and even at the stores here in Kuwait, waiting to buy cigarettes and smoking away to glory… Seriously where are they parents – or what school do they go too?

It’s funny when one of my close friend smokes, the first thing she says is “it’s my first one of the day” as a sign to say that “yeah I know it’s bad for me.. But it’s only one.” Although an hour with her, and the ashtray resembles a small city with burned skyscrapers over a layer of ash. I do understand that smoking is a tough habit to break as are most addictions however everyone should understand that smoking is dangerous not only for yourself but also for others around you.

Since at times I do get tired of all this passive smoking, let’s start with some of the reasons why you as a smoker should worry about people around you:

·        The smoke that is exhaled from you contains more than 7000 chemicals, around 70 of these are known to be cancer causing. – Thank you for that!

·        The smoke comes out from the end of the lighted cigarette contains carcinogens that are in higher concentrations and in smaller particles meaning that you are a toxic wasteland that is spewing smoke that is easier for my lungs to absorb. Really? What did I ever do to you?

And if that is not enough to make you quit, let’s start with what additives are in cigarettes – As per Wikipedia, cigarettes are known to contain 599 additives, some of the more interesting ones being:

  • Formaldehyde, which is used by embalmers to preserve dead bodies
  • Toluene, which is commonly used as an ingredient in paint thinner
  • Acetone, an active ingredient in nail polish remover
  • Ammonia, which scientists have discovered lets you absorb more nicotine, keeping you hooked on smoking.

Sounds just yummy – Let’s step out and have one more, shall we?

With all the information out there, don’t you just wish people would read and understand what they are doing to themselves and also to the people around them!


Driving In Kuwait

Driving in Kuwait can at best be described as an adventure

People seem to think of their cars as an extension of their own ego’s and therefore it takes very little to get their fragile ego’s bruised.

Today morning was no exception-, as I left home for work, bright and chirpy listening to my “Yippe it’s a new day- Music Mix”, I came across an accident. From the looks of it the guy had reversed his car on to the road while leaving his building (presumably at great speed) and got rear ended by a bus. As I waited for the traffic to move – I realized that it was the attitude of the people passing by that was causing the chaos – the habit of rubbernecking  just leads to more traffic build up. If you can’t help then don’t hinder – move on and if the emergency services are required then they can come in faster! Anyway so while trying to traverse this anarchy I met the second cause of the chaos – people who need to get somewhere before anyone else. 20 minutes of listening to someone honking away because he needed to get ahead of me lead me from being bright and chirpy to moody and grumpy. So it got me thinking, I really didn’t need this first thing in the morning. – Why can’t people be more pleasant? All that is required is a smile or a hand wave to make everything go smoothly instead of this early morning aggression.

So people of Kuwait be safe – drive safe, be kind and smile. You can make or break someone else’s day with your actions!!