Reflections after a birthday

I know I have been very laid back the last week, that was just because I was enjoying my birthday and since a day is too short, I decided to extend it till the weekend. With so much time on my hand relaxing one can only start reflecting on one’s past and I came to some conclusions about myself.

As I have grown older, I have become more compassionate to myself, and less critical. I’ve become my own pal.. I understand now that the things which used to niggle me did not really matter.

I have known and seen too many faces leave this world too soon, before they get to value the freedom that comes with growing older – Freedom of letting things
go – Freedom of letting myself come first in my life.

It’s my business if I wish to read or play on my ipad  until 4 AM or sleep until noon . I will watch back to back episodes of Desperate Housewives on a Friday afternoon with a tub of my favorite Ice Cream or my newly discovered Cadbury “Clusters”. I will dance with myself to those brilliant tunes of the 80’s & 90’s. I will do these things because they are what make me tick and tick I must for myself!

I will go on about things I must complete for my bucket list- I will –  talk about learning Spanish / getting fitter / having a business / swim like a dolphin, travelling to places i can only dream off – despite the glares and  opinions from the hoi polloi. ( They, too, will get old and on their approval I will not get rewarded extra time on this earth.

I will remember the bad times – They led to a wiser, battle scarred me.

Inevitably, over the years my heart has been broken. How can you not get hurt/ feel sad when your child suffers /when you lose a loved one, or, or even when someone breaks your most treasured knickknacks, but broken hearts are what give us depth and empathy and benevolence. A heart never broken is untouched and barren and will never know the joy of being flawed.

I am so blessed to have breathed so far enough to have my hair turning nearly grey (not many women would confess to that), and to have my laughter to be forever sketched
into fine lines on my face. Countless have never giggled let alone laughed, and so many have departed this life before their hair could turn silver.

As you get mature, it is easier to be optimistic. You worry less about what other people think about you. I believe I have earned the right to be wrong….
So I have stop asking myself questions and analyzing every single doubt. Live and Let Live.. Life is too Short!

So, when everyone around me wants me to answer – How old are you this year or Do you like Birthdays ? “My answer would be – I am one year wiser and Yes, I love
Birthdays”.  I  like the individual I have become. I am not going to live eternally, but while I am here, I will not waste time grieving what could have been, or agonizing about what will be. And I shall eat chocolates every single day (and so should you)


Happiness as I see Today!

  • Don’t mistake pleasure for happiness. They are a different breed of dogs.
  • The envious are not happy unless they are making other people envious.
  • Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response.
  • Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy.
  • Sometimes we miss happiness by looking too far for things nearby.
  • Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light

I am Back..

So i have been back from my vacation for almost 12 days now but i havnt really posted anything for about a month. And ever since I have been back from my  Leisure time (holidays : why do they have to end up so soon?), I cant seem to figure where do i start from.. there is so much to post about.. travel, holiday, nature, places, people, children, back to reality, love, life, work, KARMA!!… just about everything i can think of seems to be as important and worth sharing.. with all of you.

I hope i can do it soon…. till then , be good or be good at it (anything you do)!!

What you want from others?

I came across this interesting read and i would like to share it with all of you out there,who are trying so hard to get what they actually want..

Asking people for what we want can sometimes be a difficult process involving awkward discussions and potential conflict. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The secret to getting what you want from other people is to develop a genuine sense of reciprocity by giving before you receive.

The term ‘reciprocity’ describes the expectation that people will respond to you in the same way that you respond to them. So if you give another person something of value, they will be much more inclined to give you something in return.

Next time you want something from someone, instead of simply asking or demanding what you want, try using the following Reciprocity Formula.

The Reciprocity Formula

Step 1: Analyse the situation from the other person’s point of view and try to identify what they currently want. If you
can’t figure out what they want, the best thing to do is to ask them.

Step 2: When you have identified the main thing they want, present your case by saying something like, “If I help you achieve…
[what they want], could we discuss… [what you want]. Most reasonable people will be open to this approach because they are receiving before they have to give.

Step 3: Follow through and help the other person achieve their objective. The more time and effort you put in during this step,
the more reciprocity you will develop.

Step 4: When you have achieved the objective you agreed upon, revisit your initial discussion and ask for what you originally

Personally, sometimes we really can’t fulfill the other person’s “Desiderata” (desired things) but just knowing that there is someone out there who is willing to listen and can at least try to help and solve the issue makes a big difference in ANOTHER’s life.. you never know when you will be needing their reciprocation back.

Each Day is a Little Life

They is so much we can say about mornings.. They can be a Good Morning and they can be a not a very Good Morning… Do you believe in the saying that it also depends on from which side of the bed you wake up from..

Well, not to forget they can be all sorts of Adjective mornings too.. like sunny / cold / gloomly / happy / sad / busy / exotic or peaceful (if you are on a holiday).. and if you happen to be Pregrant then it could start with Morning sickness and the list can go on forever..

But what if you woke up to a perfectly normal morning and thanks to your mom, dad, spouse, child, boss, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague or even the guy parked next to you at a traffic light or someone tries to take you over on the road, just becox he/she thinks it will be the end of the world if they dont rush in the morning..

I guess what matters most, how you see it .. if you let it bug the daylights out of you, you are doomed for the whole day and also depending on who it is.. Is it someone that important to ruin a whole day of your precious life.. cox you only Live Once!! In the end it all depends in the order of the occurence and by who… you cant let some stranger mess up your day not realising what he/she did and here you are swearing / sulking and have already started to say ‘Oh, I am having a bad day!’ On the other hand, if its becox of work or a loved one, then I think you should let them have it… Cox its just not fair.. After all it could be a beautiful Morning !! But then thats my take on it… Also Did You Know?

The ability of a person to wake up effectively in the morning may be influenced by a gene called “Period 3” also known as the Clock Gene. The same gene dictates if someone is an “owl” or a “lark”. This gene comes in two forms, a “short” and a “long” variant. It seems to affect the person’s preference for mornings or evenings. People who carry the long variant were over-represented as morning people, while the ones carrying the short variant were evening preference people.

I would love to find out my type of variant.. so coming back to ‘Mornings’, if you want to have a Good Morning it is very essential to have a Good Night’s sleep hence avoiding any health problems or accidents while dreaming and driving!!

” When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive -to breathe, to think, to enjoy and to love, who YOU want to love and what YOU want to love.”