Do you have an Angel and a Demon in you?

I am sure a lot of you would agree with me, but how many of us would admit to the fact that we can be an extreme kind person, loving, compassionate and then without a warning we can be someone who is dreadful, despicable, terrifying, alarming, and fear-provoking!

I wouldn’t want to give it a scientific term (and start looking up at Psychology and Self- help books) but I am curious to know, if this is something we all experience with our partners , siblings, friends – Can someone so upright, so perfect become so evil  and then before you know , transform back to normal.

I guess we are all suppressing a substantial amount of feelings and relevant information, and this influences your daily life in harmful way. You every now and then behave immaturely, or even harshly, at work and in relationships.

Personally this post is about asking ourselves the question – which we usually tend to act on behalf of others and be a hero – I just hope some of my readers leave their views on – Do you have an Angel and a Demon in you?

Are you hiding away secrets that can affect your life?

What brings you the feeling of PURE joy in good times and in bad times?

Have you fully welcomed life and understood your purpose?

Do your imperfections make you a lesser of a person?

When was the last time you created those special moments of TOTAL bliss for yourself?

Do you think your life is so far “wasted”? Or”spent, learning and gaining experiences” – to live with the truth is a choice you have to make; no one will do it for you.

Do you need to let go of your past memories that overshadow your today’s life?

Are you waiting for someone else to fulfill what you are longing for?

Are you aware of your mood swings and erratic behavior?

I think all of the above or at least some of it depends on how we act – so we are in control of the Angel in us and the Demon who none of us want to be.

So friends, let’s find a way to look for the missing piece of the puzzle that makes us complete, makes us happy, where we don’t have to worry about our ego getting in our way. As long as you know what it is that one thing you want to become or will become! Life is too short – so you better know what connects with you and what doesn’t!

Have a Thoughtful Day!