Baking Tray

Definitely a Must order again…

To start off with loved my Ginger Chicken Puff – Yes! I normally would do not eat chunks of ginger or order something with ginger floating in it but thanks to my friend who insisted I must try this. Well, can’t be more happy with it, I could feel it, chew it and yet I was Ok with it … so something you ought to try!! The size may not seem so big at a glance but trust me it is stuffed.. with amazing seasoned and flavoured chicken and ginger of course (which is good for your digestion too 🙂 )

Btw I quite like they packing but i guess the hunger took over and i forgot to take the picture of the actual Puff but you will have to just trust me on it .

Accompanied by a fresh orange juice as always, well mostly.. and then I tried they Nutty Organic Chocolate brownie… topped with lots and lots of nuts… very soft  (actually much softer than a brownie is supposed to be) but as long as I savored it – and it made me go NUTS About u (the brownie).

 Nope it’s not over yet, I still had the Roasted Chicken Quiche – It’s not everywhere you get to order a Quiche and esp a nice one, normally i would have a Mushroom and Chicken but it’s always fun to contemplate something different.

Check out he kool looking box.

And Voila… I can say I had a Hearty Meal!