“Some of us compromise ourselves in every situation and relationship because we unconsciously believe that we must always please others or make others happy in order to be loved, accepted, approved of, attended to, or supported”

Once we have suffered enough and are thus ready to honor and value ourselves without comprising our inner truths for anyone or anything, the universe will always step up to help us on our destined path.

I read the above and could not help sharing it here. Have a great day and Love Yourself first! So will you stop compromising or are you too weak to stop?

Overdoing it

Situations!! We all come across plenty of them, the good, the bad and the ugly.. What are the causes and did you actually want … how can you benefit from them or how can you get out of it.. The first step, the next step.. All these questions ??? Asking yourself this once or asking yourself the same thing over and over again..

How did I get myself into such a situation?

What can I do to overcome?

Do I have the choice?

Should I think about myself first?

Am I hurting anyone?

It’s ok to ask all the above and many more however you need to understand your situation first or how it is relevant to you .. If you over do it (I mean the thinking part) sometimes it drives you up the wall or you keep going loop the loop without any definite answers.. Which can lead you to depression, hatred, loneliness, resentment and unhappiness..? I believe – It will be what has to be – doesn’t mean we don’t have to look into the different aspects of our lives, just means to take a deep breath and think “Why” is it happening and “How” can you undo it or make it go away ?

Easier said than done, yeah yeah – me too! However I thought I would share this wonderful brainwave of let’s stop “Over Doing It”!

To examine is good but don’t overall dissect without a rhyme or reason. 

And have Lovely Weekend Friends – the weather is still on your side – Enjoy it! Dont over think and over plan just go out there and have fun… (Just keep in mind where to BBQ, with the new Kuwait laws you don’t want to take any chances) 😉