A New Start, Happy Diwali to all

Well a whole month has gone by and I know I have been far too occupied with everything from my son’s exams, my never-ending birthday celebrations followed by Eid indulgences and partying and the pre Diwali merriments.

The only way to feel grateful to all the people, that is my family and friends for all the thoughtfulness they have shown to me on my Birthday, before and after is to say a huge Thank You.

I would also like to thank everyone for the support and encouragement extended to me in my small endeavor this month.

Definitely if I go back and start reflecting on all the blessings I have been showered with, it will be a never ending tale…  So for now.. Would like to once again, count my blessings and move ahead on a positive note.

And finally Diwali arrives today (also known as Festival of Lights and Fireworks) and time for some more fun and revelry…

Diwali is about decorating your houses with earthen diyas (lamps), making “rangoli” (a traditional pattern made from coloured powders), new clothes, most important the firecrackers, visiting family and friends, exchanging gifts and not to forget the scrumptious sweets galore..

Diwali indicates the victory of good over evil, of virtue over treachery, of reality over falsehood, and of light over darkness.

The main aspect of this holiday and festival called Diwali is to celebrate light.. We light our homes with diyas or lanterns, we explode fireworks and sparklers but Diwali is more than that. The candle will eventually burn out, the fireworks are momentary experiences however we should celebrate more enlighting of the mind and the fireworks that fill our heart with love and compassion for our loved ones.

Diwali also marks a new year, a day of “starting fresh”.. In whatever you choose to.

So here’s Wishing everyone a new beginning and a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali filled with success and peace and social harmony.Happy Diwali


Romancing Your Soul

One of my favourite reading time :http://www.romancingyoursoul.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/RomancingYourSoul

“There was a time I refused to take the actions I knew were best for me, and in the long run, for everyone concerned. I refused because I thought myself a failure if I gave up. So I stayed in a relationship long after the lessons I needed to learn from that person and circumstance were over. I was stuck by the excuses that I could somehow make it work, or get the other person to change, or that I just could not break the commitment I made. I bought the fear and guilt based rationalizations until the day I realized I was suffering greatly and everyone around me was too. Not just because of the negative relationship but because we were not taking the actions we knew in our heart were best. 

Too often we stay in negative situations for all the wrong reasons. If we know deep in our heart it is, and has been, time to go then we need to seriously and honestly look at the excuses, fear, and guilt we are allowing to stop us from doing what needs to be done. We also must remember that our actions serve as examples for others. Do we honestly want the people we say we love to continue to endure what we are enduring? Do we want them to put aside self-love and respect because they do not have the courage to love themselves more by removing themselves from a continuously negative situation? Do we really want to show them how little we respect ourselves by choosing to remain in our suffering rather than choosing to free ourselves?

Often we think we are wrong for leaving. We see it as giving up. We need to remember that when a relationship has run its course, we know it beyond doubt in our heart. So what makes us wrong is not leaving but continuing to subject ourselves to the negative, to the suffering.

Love is courageously doing what we must to care for ourselves and for others. Yes, moving on hurts. But the pain is bearable by knowing that doing what needs to be done to end to our suffering will, in the end, be best for everyone involved. Even if the other people involved do not change. We have changed ourselves by bringing a higher level of awareness by refusing to continue making negative contributions to a relationship while calling it love.” –Blessings, Regina