Yasmin Farms

My Trip to the Yasmin Farms was aesthetically pleasing. It is a very rare kind of landscape to find in Kuwait. I was not only amazed at the harmony and the beauty of the place, but also the kind of productive work that goes on there. Everything from fresh cheese produce to fresh fruits and vegetables are produced here. The beautiful climatic controlled greenhouses are also an unusual treat to the eyes.

I had the fortunate chance of meeting Mr. Jamil Sultan and I must say he is a gem of a person. Very down to earth, dressed in an overall, gloves, hat, with a rake in his hand.. He was generous enough to share a whole lot of information about his farm which is spread over 3000sqm.  Not to forget he was accompanied by his two dogs, Romeo (very calm and friendly considering his size and Little Chico who is adorable too.

They have a fully stacked shop with lots of items, including variety of cheese, milk, pickles, spices, honey, olives, oils, dates, jams, fresh and dried vegetables, grains etc. This place is perfect for a morning drive followed by a healthy breakfast. So I popped the question – Do you serve breakfast here? To which I got a reply – Not yet, however they will try and open up to the public by early 2014. Which is not too far away..

They have a separate area for the cows, the goats, the horses, sheep you name it and they have it.  I passed by their enormous cow sheds which had a lot of adorable calves.

They also have some unique wooden trays and chairs for sale in the shop. Some cow bells hanging from the ceiling, milk containers on display (reminds me of the milkman in India who delivers milk on his cycle)

I did a lot of walking around the place and clicked a lot pictures too.. The weather is so nice these days; I am contemplating going back sometime soon.

You can have a look at their website to order fresh and healthy: http://yasminfarms.com or even drive down.