Qout Market

So this is my third trip to the Qout market after it was launched in November 2013. Although I must say I quite enjoyed the first one which was held in the Arrya Car park. However due to more and more corporate companies participating they have moved the outdoor market to the Arraya Roof top. For those of you who have not visited it yet, it is held once a month on the first Saturday of each month (opens at 10:00am to 7:00pm) until April I guess since the weather is only great till then.

You will find everything from candles, soaps, handicrafts, food items like fresh bread, cheese, homemade cupcakes, jams, jarred chutneys to dips, fresh flowers, baby stuff, arts and crafts for the kids, Ansan has a corner the children to come and play with the animals (dogs, ducks, goats, turtles), hot food stands, quick meals also lots of local and organic produce and much more.











ITV India Slumkid Reporters

Sometimes you watch a documentary because you find the subject matter close to your heart and end up thinking of other things that tend to make you realize the hopelessness of the situation. I was watching ITV’s documentary India Slumkid Reporters that shows an extraordinary group of children in Delhi who run their own newspaper talking about the problems faced by street children.Watching the documentary broke my heart – you get to hear both sides of the story, from a 15 year old boy who explains that he works 13 hours a day cutting chicken and that he can’t sleep at night because of the type of work he does, to the other side of on how would the under 18’s be able to support their families if the new child labour laws are introduced.

For me I guess the turning point where I felt it explained the apathy in India was when a police inspector first talks about how policemen in India don’t take a bribe and then when the reporter asks about the rumors of street children being beaten, says “In India the police do not commit atrocities against children, there is not a single province where children are treated badly”. The sheer ignorance and combined BS of that statement just showed me how things are not going to change until the people in charge actually believe that there is a problem in todays society.

We all have time for our own things in life, take just 25 minutes out from your schedule and watch about the street kids in India who seem to be invisible to us all.



Life in a Moment

Times when you stop to think wonder what I am doing, where I am, and what I should be doing or where I should be – all those moments.. to love /to be loved /making the most of your moments together /having a good time… These feelings sometimes, you wish they would just go away however hard you try they stick to you like a dreadful worm even after you wish it wouldn’t…

Yes, sometimes we all feel that way..

But that’s what makes this life so precious, so beautiful and that’s why I call it “Life in a Moment”. We all have to lose something in order to gain something else, we choose to live in the moments that fill up our soul for just that moment and we can live forever just thinking or looking back at those moments (One of the reasons I take a lot of pictures..) This way I can store them and look back at them and recall those moments… of course it could be from anything silly, fun, family, friends and lots of crazy times…

A minor thing like when I was all set for the MDNA concert, my friends encouraged me here in Kuwait to go for the MDNA show and once I was there, I didn’t feel away from home for the same reason I had so many memorable moments with all my supportive friends and family there and a brilliant week after that too and then I have friends here who wondered when will I be back in the country (all thanks to FB and What’s app) and once I am back – I am happy to be here again..

All these moments without any doubt , show me that Life is as wonderful as you make it and : “You do not need for someone to give you permission to do what will make you live more fully and healthfully.”

Hope these days of summer, that are here, be filled be lots of sunshine, lots of love, lots of happiness, new adventures, new experiences, new bondings and lots of fun for your family.

Happy Holidays 🙂

Children Full of Life

Good Teachers connect theory with life. Please take the time to watch these videos for “Children Full of Life”. There are in five parts.

In this award winning documentary, Mr. Kanamori, a Japanese teacher – teaches his children how to be compassionate, determined, thankful, everything about life, most importantly “to be happy”. A very unique way to teach, approach and connect with these little souls. He encourages the the 4th graders to write and talk about their inner feelings and share it with the classroom, this helps the children to realise the importance of caring for one another. Allow your children to care for they friends – no matter if they are in the same school, class, activity, bus, building or even community.

Just like the family is a very fundamental part of the child, so are their early years in school and role the teachers play in their lives. We can shelter our children from disappointments, however we should also let them be a part of them, by sharing them, talking about them, acknowledging them. If you do not face the disappointments of life with them now, they future disappointments will be more devastating.

Some things happen only once in a lifetime, try to avail every opportunity and live the moment if the moment makes you happy and teach the same to your children… It is absolutely alright to be naughty but be nice and be safe. Kids – you can crack jokes and be funny however do not crack jokes or bully other children. Let the children share they opinion not that of they mother’s or father’s..

Part 1/5 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=armP8TfS9Is

Part 2/5 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc7S8HAfDzk&feature=relmfu

Part 3/5 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd7YWx7idfE&feature=relmfu

Part 4/5 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEW65OKRiAk&feature=relmfu

Part 5/5 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FGdXEBcdh4&feature=relmfu (very touching!!)

Remember, they are children they will complain, misbehave, argue, make stupid faces… as long as deep down their know the values of respect, bonding with they old and new mates, making efforts is all that counts.. Hope it was worth sharing the videos!!

New Stories for Children

I happened to come across this site http://www.smories.com/ where children read stories for children. I have clicked on a few of them, and i think it is a great tool for our young kids to lie back and listen to the other kids read stories and at the same time they could be a part of this site also. This is a free of cost site and carries a huge collection of stories. The best thing is it can also be accessed on the ipad and iphone which is one of the favourite gadget of kids these days.. Although i would like to add, from the looks of it, this site is catered to age 1-8ish yrs. I think it would be fascinating for the young ones to watch, enjoy and feel encouraged to read out loud too.

So all you mommies out there – U r welcome !! 😉

Happy Children’s Day

Today being Children’s day got me thinking, and as nostalgia hit in came the thoughts of my carefree youth, the best of days as being the youngest of three – I was the most pampered one and got away with all my mischief.
Looking at my son today, I can now see how things were not so easy for my parents having all us three running around causing havoc and for having put up with us I want to say a big Thank You to them.

To my son I would like to thank him to teaching me the following:
If you don’t know what it is and how it works, go ahead and try it
Before you do anything strange, make sure you are being watched.
A hug and a kiss will always do the trick, if not try the puppy face move – that always works
It’s okay to fall down, the point is to get up and start running again.
All important things in life like homework can be delayed by napping or bathroom breaks.
Half your habits are the fault of your parents – Yes I too bite my nails and eat way too much chocolate
You can cry even when you are happy
You don’t need to comb your hair daily, your looks are enough
Older people are always right, well at least tell them that so they stop talking! and last but not the least,
Playing outdoor games indoors is always more fun – Yes son that vase was really not that expensive.

No matter what moment in time – Children will be Children and I would like to wish everyone including my one and only son, a very Happy Children’s Day.