High Noon

The weekend was crazy as my son decided to invite some of his friends over – Six boys between 9 and 12 usually means a wrecked house and frayed nerves.Fortunately for me between the six we had 4 iphones and devious me installed High Noon on them and got the kids hooked (that’s me – your friendly iphone game supplier) 2:30 in the morning and the gunslingers were still at it. For those of you who haven’t played it – High Noon is multiplayer game that has you dueling people around the world to become the most feared outlaw in the west. The cartoony graphics are pretty good but where the game really shines is the way you holster your gun. You tip your iphone upside down and at your side like a real gun, hear the western music playing and when the bell sounds, draw your iphone, tilt, tap and release to fire.

Hey Gringo  – Draw!