Julaia’ Hotel and Resort

We have stepped in October already and the weather in the morning or in the late evenings is pure perfection. Slight breeze, clean, with just a hint of autumn.. (now I am only talking about early morning and late evenings)… I can hear the beautiful chirping of the birds in they golden cage in my neighbor’s patio and it all seems just right.. to begin your day with until of course you hit the roads..

However, if you are in one of those moods to go for a long drive and  take out some rare time for yourself, I would recommend driving towards 245 to the Julai Hotel and Resort.

There have around three to four restaurants.. I have been there a couple of times before but on one of my recent trip to the place I visited the Avenue Restaurant, located in the basement:

I ordered a Strawberry cocktail for my drink – which was very refreshing.

As a starter a Platter of Chicken Wings with some Bbq sauce, which tasted weird.

For the main course, Lamb Chops (I always ask for it to be well done) tender and succulent accompanied by the right amount of vegetables seasoned with herbs and spices to add zest to the flavor.

Along with it, I ordered a Prawn Biryani, great with a dollop of pickles and ratia (just what I love). It was delicious and a must order.

Last but not the least, for my sweet tooth, I had Tiramisu cake and a Cappucino… All in All, worth the time and the drive and the company 😉

So get behind your driving wheel and go get some me time.