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My intention was never to stay away from blogging for this long. However with the summer break, the jet lag, the re-opening of schools, the nonstop homework, my son’s baseball, the Eid celebrations, my groovy birthday, , the never ending Diwali parties in Kuwait and this splendid beautiful weather making me more lazy then I am, sadly didn’t inspire me to blog either.

Even though this is one of my favorite things to do (blogging) but somehow I just felt out of channel. Am sure it’s the kind of thing that happens to most of us every once in a while. I am actually having trouble thinking what to blog about, it’s been so long – so today it’s just going to be about me – I know a little self-indulgence but hey why not?

Also like to thank some of my friends who every now and then asked me rather reminded me why I wasn’t blogging and really to be away for so long and still to be remembered – thank you 🙂

I am certain there are a zillion other things I can blog about or write; unfortunately they all escape from me right now. But I am back and that’s what is important …

It would be great to hear from all of you and if you would like to share anything, please write back. Have a great start to an awesome week.back to blogging

Never Stop Learning

Since the holidays are starting up – it finally gives me the time to start working on my numerous projects. Top of the list is:

  • Calligraphy – I have been very interested in calligraphy and recently got gifted a set (on moi birthday) with a couple of books on the subject and the required pens – Time for me to start practicing! I have sort of browsed thru them and i tell you there is so much to read, so i guess i am just going to start doing it !!
  • Glass bottle lamp- I am half way through my bottle lamp project – idea taken from here – (althg i need to make a trip to Ace, after burning the first drill bit and i got a new one from them however that too doesn’t fit my drill ;-( )
  • Baking – Now that my brownies are world famous 😉 – I’ve got a few recipes to try out – The French chocolate brownie sounds heavenly
  • Gardening – Every time I go to the Sultan Centre I end up buying seed packets and my son and i did sow them on one Friday but thanks to the Kuwait sandstorm they all got re-dispersed to other parts of the building –  now thanks to the few extra empty pots lying around and this blog – I thought I will give it a try again!!! Plus i guess its the best time of the season too…. Plants, flowers and more …..
Those are just a few on the top of my list – I also need to get all my music/ movie collection sorted out on the iPad and media centre !
Busy Busy Busy – Happy Holidays everyone!