A New Start, Happy Diwali to all

Well a whole month has gone by and I know I have been far too occupied with everything from my son’s exams, my never-ending birthday celebrations followed by Eid indulgences and partying and the pre Diwali merriments.

The only way to feel grateful to all the people, that is my family and friends for all the thoughtfulness they have shown to me on my Birthday, before and after is to say a huge Thank You.

I would also like to thank everyone for the support and encouragement extended to me in my small endeavor this month.

Definitely if I go back and start reflecting on all the blessings I have been showered with, it will be a never ending tale…  So for now.. Would like to once again, count my blessings and move ahead on a positive note.

And finally Diwali arrives today (also known as Festival of Lights and Fireworks) and time for some more fun and revelry…

Diwali is about decorating your houses with earthen diyas (lamps), making “rangoli” (a traditional pattern made from coloured powders), new clothes, most important the firecrackers, visiting family and friends, exchanging gifts and not to forget the scrumptious sweets galore..

Diwali indicates the victory of good over evil, of virtue over treachery, of reality over falsehood, and of light over darkness.

The main aspect of this holiday and festival called Diwali is to celebrate light.. We light our homes with diyas or lanterns, we explode fireworks and sparklers but Diwali is more than that. The candle will eventually burn out, the fireworks are momentary experiences however we should celebrate more enlighting of the mind and the fireworks that fill our heart with love and compassion for our loved ones.

Diwali also marks a new year, a day of “starting fresh”.. In whatever you choose to.

So here’s Wishing everyone a new beginning and a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali filled with success and peace and social harmony.Happy Diwali


Bandi Chhor Divas

Diwali also falls on the same day as Bandi Chhor Divas, a good explanation of this day can be found on :


It just seems like yesterday when my son and I were busy buying crackers and lighting up the house last year, time flies so quickly and its already Diwali again… Time to celebrate with family and friends. It is so deep rooted in our culture that no matter where you are in any part of the world, it is a must to light diyas (candles) make sure every corner in your house is lit, welcoming the New Year with lots of brightness.

With each year passing so quickly, I find myself lost in thought about the days gone by and those yet to dawn.. I am so glad that all these years I have had the opportunity to celebrate this festivity with my dear family and friends, the chance to share in their liveliness and energy. To see my son and his friends grow, to watch the excitement in they eyes, to perfect them at their community/ school functions, to see our parents performing the rituals every year with the same enthusiasm, is surely a blessing.

The best part of the day is watching the children play fireworks, the little ones of last year are now the brave ones of this year – begging to be the one to light a firecracker, with anxious mothers watching over them and over enthusiastic cousins and friends trying to create the biggest bang possible with the available fireworks. Their shrieks of laughter and the twinkle in their eyes while watching the fireworks always make me smile.

It is remarkable how, days like this that give us the phenomenal strength to actually wake and make thingshappen, whether that’s telling your help to clean the house or having to do it yourself (highly depends on the help’s mood and what Diwali gift she’s receiving – LOL) , or actually sitting down with your children to make colorful diyas or wrapping up gifts for family and friends or just being happy for yourself and for the lovely people who surround you.

Here’ s to a very Happy Diwali to ALL! I wish everyone lots of peace, health and prosperity.