Holidays and much More

Well looks like we are back to the weekend again, that was quick.. i have been so so so  busy with just about everything and havn’t had the time to stop here and update everyone.. But i guess next week is going to be catch up time and by then i will have lots and lots more to post about… till then.. Have a Happy Weekend.


Never Stop Learning

Since the holidays are starting up – it finally gives me the time to start working on my numerous projects. Top of the list is:

  • Calligraphy – I have been very interested in calligraphy and recently got gifted a set (on moi birthday) with a couple of books on the subject and the required pens – Time for me to start practicing! I have sort of browsed thru them and i tell you there is so much to read, so i guess i am just going to start doing it !!
  • Glass bottle lamp- I am half way through my bottle lamp project – idea taken from here – (althg i need to make a trip to Ace, after burning the first drill bit and i got a new one from them however that too doesn’t fit my drill ;-( )
  • Baking – Now that my brownies are world famous 😉 – I’ve got a few recipes to try out – The French chocolate brownie sounds heavenly
  • Gardening – Every time I go to the Sultan Centre I end up buying seed packets and my son and i did sow them on one Friday but thanks to the Kuwait sandstorm they all got re-dispersed to other parts of the building –  now thanks to the few extra empty pots lying around and this blog – I thought I will give it a try again!!! Plus i guess its the best time of the season too…. Plants, flowers and more …..
Those are just a few on the top of my list – I also need to get all my music/ movie collection sorted out on the iPad and media centre !
Busy Busy Busy – Happy Holidays everyone!

Soul Sunday

Good Afternoon 🙂 What a month!!

Time – hmnnn can’t tell if it’s stopped right now or just flying by so quickly. I can’t believe I have been missing in action here for such a long time and I have posted only four times this month, that’s unlike me. I am usually a very committed (which means dedicated and loyal to certain important things, people and stuff in my life and I plan and hope I can’t stick by those pledges or promises I make, unless of course something or someone is not taking me down in the bargain.. However, I feel really bad and it’s time to brush the dust away and stop procrastinating.  (I guess must be something or someone in the air, which makes you feel like nothing is worth your time…) Yes, I have been on zero inspiration doze and I don’t like that..

Must admit I hate leaving such big gaps – everything should be or shouldn’t be. So I decided I will try and blog more often like I used too. Well out of all this, the only thing I did was to push myself to take a short break and just leave, for a change of scenery, people, mind, food, language (the less they speak your language the better more peaceful I guess, but sometimes it can be a pain, if you need any kind of assistance.. but I guess this is life…. On a plus side, no time is ever wasted or is it? (Well that is a topic for another day). And now with the schools having restarted for some, at least for my big boy, Ramadan over, so early to bed and early to rise routine, hoping for better weather, better days… I need to get back in action, need to step up in full speed… Just need to do things, stuff more stuff… Well we can think and want all that we feel but it ain’t happening… so the best is to just go with the flow.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead, Well I am going to be busy with running to the school (fee, uniforms and all the last minute things we leave to the very last minute), go to the service center for installing a part that just arrived, groceries (never ending), my knee is killing me so maybe an X-ray, I think I need a visit to the optician too, convince my maid to stay for another year, if not look for another one, Ooops forgot to mention (still have to complete the school projects.… and with all this happening I hope I can find time for some retail therapy or a day at the spa at least… Why do I feel like another break already ???? Oh did I mention I need to go the dentist too .. And also perhaps take my son to the movies, the Dark Knight Rises or something…

Got to Run…

DIY at home with KIDS

For whatever reason, we always want to sit down with our kids around and do some art and craft even more during their  summer holidays, and to avoid the heat outdoors…

Here’s something that will keep them indoors and keep them busy for a while.

Its quick , simple and easy..
Things needed : scissors, scotch tape, scale, glue gun, double sided tape (transparent), a pen or a pencil, old magazines, cans to recycle and some beads for decoration
  1. Take a empty used can of any kind
  2. Cut equal strips from any old (colorful) magazine
  3. Cover the base with one of the strip all around the can with the help of double sided tape
  4. Take a pen or a pencil and roll the cut pieces of paper strips to get tubes, stick the roll with a tiny scotch tape.
  5. Then glue the paper tube to the can with the help of theh glue gun, repeat all around untill all full
  6. Viola! done – to make it a bit more attractive – decorate the rim with any beads (any color or shape)
  7. And you have just made a holder for your various stationary items..


Life in a Moment

Times when you stop to think wonder what I am doing, where I am, and what I should be doing or where I should be – all those moments.. to love /to be loved /making the most of your moments together /having a good time… These feelings sometimes, you wish they would just go away however hard you try they stick to you like a dreadful worm even after you wish it wouldn’t…

Yes, sometimes we all feel that way..

But that’s what makes this life so precious, so beautiful and that’s why I call it “Life in a Moment”. We all have to lose something in order to gain something else, we choose to live in the moments that fill up our soul for just that moment and we can live forever just thinking or looking back at those moments (One of the reasons I take a lot of pictures..) This way I can store them and look back at them and recall those moments… of course it could be from anything silly, fun, family, friends and lots of crazy times…

A minor thing like when I was all set for the MDNA concert, my friends encouraged me here in Kuwait to go for the MDNA show and once I was there, I didn’t feel away from home for the same reason I had so many memorable moments with all my supportive friends and family there and a brilliant week after that too and then I have friends here who wondered when will I be back in the country (all thanks to FB and What’s app) and once I am back – I am happy to be here again..

All these moments without any doubt , show me that Life is as wonderful as you make it and : “You do not need for someone to give you permission to do what will make you live more fully and healthfully.”

Hope these days of summer, that are here, be filled be lots of sunshine, lots of love, lots of happiness, new adventures, new experiences, new bondings and lots of fun for your family.

Happy Holidays 🙂