So you think you can ignore?

You want to ignore me – please be my guest.

Ignoring someone in the same room, can be a bit of a task. It is not that you choose to be this person, however circumstance/ situations make you keeping running into such people.

So I have observed what people do and maybe I should share these tips:

  1. Avoid eye contact. I think this is by far the best and the safest way to do it. As long as your eyes do not meet and you do not acknowledge the person actually exists. You are doing a good job.
  2. Distance yourself. Obviously if you were important enough, you would be greeted differently, rather meet each other half way. But you know you are not on the list of greetings so stop right there and pretend to be busy elsewhere and wait for them to get the message. No point lingering around such people to catch up. Leave enough personal space for both of you to move away in a relaxed manner (although we both know what’s going on)
  3. Body Language. If you are close to the person, simply cross your legs, sip your drink, slouch, no need to smile or frown and even better make conversation to the person on the left or right.
  4. Best tool is your mobile. Call, text, click pics or play a game. Keep your hands full and eyes focused on your mobile. This keeps you and your body busy.

So just follow these simple tricks that I have observed and learned lately. Ignoring people socially is no rocket science. In short:

  • Smile, stay busy with other friends.
  • Dance, with who you want to dance, not with someone who only wants to be seen in the picture.
  • Be engaged with your purse, your hair, your watch or your phone and pretend that nothing is going on.

Happy Ignoring !!


Good Morning!

I don’t know who’s been slower my computer or me .. 🙂 I thought I could use some time off to restore, refresh, recharge but it’s never enough and no matter how long you take a break from one thing, it leaves you back logged on a lot of other important issues/ stuff that you should actually be focusing on – I guess it’s time to catch up..  In short, keep moving on, don’t stop, let go, it’s no one else’s loss!

Whatever it is you or me are going through – all of it, “this moment will be just another story someday”.

So don’t let the trivial things of today weigh down your tomorrow just like it did yesterday…

Very often we get so DAMN involved in OUR own destination that we overlook to value the journey especially the kindness of the people we meet on the way. To understand and to appreciate is always overwhelming. Don’t ignore or postpone anyone or anything that needs your attention unless it’s going to kill you !!!!!