Introspection 1/2

Thinking Man

Having been through a couple of arguments recently, I took the time to sit and try to figure out what were the reasons why I was being put in such situations. After a considerable amount of time spent blaming everyone else – I looked out of the window and saw my reflection staring back at me – and I said you too! – It’s your fault too – and that’s when it hit me – Do we really ever wonder what part we have played in an argument ? – In a misunderstanding ? – When we reach a point of time where there is a communication breakdown do we ever sit and think how we had anything to contribute to it?

It is way too easy to say that the issue is with the “other party” and not us, our first step is always “I did nothing wrong , it’s you” when thinking about the interaction.  Human tendency is to look outside ourselves for reasons – looking inward is awkward at best – hence the reason of introspection

Introspection is defined as the observation of one’s own thoughts and feelings. We do not take the time to consider how we got the way we are right now – We are and that’s all there is to it, but in reality there have been a myriad of factors that have influenced us in one way or the other – culture, education,family,social interactions and others . All of these and more have made us who we are and how we react to others.