Korean Restuarant

So I finally made it to the Korean restaurant in the Carlton Hotel in Kuwait City called KORYOKWAN. It is a small, cozy/causal dine-in restaurant and  is one of the first and oldest Korean restaurant.

I wanted to try the place for a very long time, for the sake of trying and experiencing something new. They have around 5 to 6 cabins for your private gatherings. The interiors are made up of wooden panels mostly and far eastern art pieces. They also do events and catering outside the hotel (if you are interested).

The Korean cuisine is mostly based on vegetables, rice and meats. They traditional meals are accompanied by an array of sides such as banchan, kimchi, doenjang, soy sauce and gochujang (red chilli paste).

First thing that comes to our mind is – Kimchi, often described as spicy or sour, a traditional Korean fermented side dish made of variety of seasonings. Pickled cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi, salty scallion kimchi, Indian mustard leaf kimchi are a few. Our soup was quite healthy and had bites size pieces of tofu and spinach. You can opt for spicy or non-spicy version. I quite enjoyed the fried dumplings. Then to follow we ordered the Dolsot Bibimbap (bowl of hot white rice, topped with mushrooms, carrots, soy bean sprouts and stirred fried beef and then capped with fried egg. The stone bowl is very hot and the food right at the bottom of the bowl is crispy and sizzled. You can however, eat with various sauces and chilli pastes. But don’t forget to mix it up first. I personally, found the dishes starting from the appetizers up to their main courses a bit on the expensive side.

We rounded off our meal by sipping the Korean tea, which is made with the infusion of various leaves, roots, fruits etc.

So next time you feel like a healthy meal with a lot less calories, go and try the Korean Way of Food.













Singarea Korean

This place is not so easy to locate, cox it is located in one of those furniture complex/ plaza  in Dajeej and it is kinda hidden. It is both a Asian supermarket that sells wide variety of Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese foodstuff and just above it is the restaurant (there have low sitting and of course the tables and chair). Both the supermarket and the restaurant are quite spacious and neat. The restaurant has a very homely atmosphere and a very sweet lady to receive you and also assist you in ordering the kind of food you would like to have. I was very impressed when i found this place and how it has always been there and no one ever knew about it however they do have they own clientele coming there all the time, mostly families with kids too.. so that’s when i say it is very homely and a comfortable place to go without dressing up too fancy.

And the best part is they are very quick too, so if you are in the area and want to have a quick lunch break, its the place to go.. So a friend and I ended up there just the other day and its not my first time, but somehow i never end up taking picture, of course because i am too hungry to wait and click, but this time I took a few cox i had to blog about it.. and here it is :

To start of with they give you some onions, kimchi and Green paper like thing (seaweed)

We ordered the dumpling soup – which was not to bad, i prefer dipping the dumplings alone in the sweet chilly sauce i asked for.

I loved they Salt and pepper Dry prawns with extra roasted garlic and herbs /spices

Garlic Fried rice is a must for me, (tired and tested) and the chicken was nice, tender and crispy with the right amount of sauce and vegetables.

All in all – the few dishes that i have tired on my visits – it is def a go to place. I also picked up frozen Edamame from the supermarket and i have yet to try that at home.

Ooopps and the dessert Frappe: Mixed Fruits topped with sweet red bean paste and ice cream of you choice with some more chilled blueberry syrup. (hmnnn did i like it? NOPE!) but i knw some aficionado of food and drink who love to try everything and have no issues with it at all. And you do get a welcome tea, which is not the normal green tea, i am forgetting what it is called right now..

Hope you guys enjoy it – I forgot to take pic of the supermarket but thats ok i guess 😉