Happy National & Liberation Day

This year on 25th and 26th February Kuwait memorializes its 54th Independence Day and 26th Liberation Day. Each year to rejoice the core of patriotism, Kuwaitis celebrate with enormous pride and magnificent festivities.

The whole month of February which is also known as HALA February features as one of the most happening and carefree days for the people of Kuwait be it the locals, the expats or tourists. Kuwait commemorates with innumerable carnivals, cultural activities, events, concerts, workshops, seminars etc. which are organized both for children and families. The celebrations also includes spectacular lights illuminated all over Kuwait be it in the malls, out in the parks, government buildings, oil companies or public buildings. The bright lights highlight the essence of liberation and independence. All the streets and roads are decorated with colors of the Kuwaiti flag. It is just breath taking to see such a colorful, happy and blessed surrounding. And makes me more proud to call it home.

During childhood, we never missed out on the National and Liberation Day celebrations, we enjoyed with foam sprays and decorated my father’s car with lots of Kuwaiti flags. And from generations to generations this tradition continues. The only difference being I am driving the car with my son, his cousins and friends. Of course back in the days we enjoyed spraying each other with foam and we always seem to run out of cans, but then with the banning of foam sprays, water guns came into effect and the tradition still continues. In this day and age I personally feel water guns are safer and I love the fact that it can be enjoyed by any age group. A multitude of people are also seen dancing on the streets and the Gulf road holding the national flag – a moment of sheer delight in honoring the country.

The holidays allow people to indulge in dining out most of the time and you can see the bazaars, souks and malls selling a variety of items depicting the national flag in forms of clothes, banners, hats, masks, wigs, etc.

This majestic merriment creates a bond of brotherhood and unites the people in peace and harmony throughout Kuwait.  This time of the year, the weather is beautiful and a great time for hospitality, thus Kuwait attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. Not to forget this month of long celebrations offers huge discounts, shopping extravaganzas, special airfare and hotel packages.

The celebrations just do not stop here in the city but in the midst of the desert, the lively atmosphere takes place in the chalets and camps, where they have several family activities like kite flying, buggies, motor race, camel rides, camping, bon fires and the list goes on.

I am listing a few places where you will find a majority of people celebrating their National and Liberation holidays:

The Kuwait International Trade Fair Grounds – Enjoy the Carnival City

1001 Inventions Exhibition from 4th Feb to 7th March at the Scientific Center Tent

Horseback riding on the beach Call 55546773

Bake Sale at AUS Middle School Student Council Feb 22nd and 23rd (part of the profit goes to PAWS Kuwait Animal Shelter)

Hala Feb Art Camp Feb 22nd to Feb 26th Call: 97775273

El Salam American Nursery Feb 25th, 26th and 27th Book Fair (books, games, DVDs, watched and more) Call 65166743

Visit the Al Mubarakiya Expo in Souq Al Mubarakiya

Kuwait Towers

Green Island

Al Shaab Leisure Park

Messila Beach

If you are an Instagram person – Take part in the Instagram challenge check it out on @bazaargram and @partyland_kuwait – Use the hashtag #WeHeartKuwait.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!

Kwi National and Liberation Day

Dough Cafe / Bakery

Dough Cafe and Bakery is one of the new additions in Kuwait where new restaurants are sprouting like mushrooms especially along the shoreline. This newly opened restaurant is located in the Miral Mall in Mangaf. I was there for breakfast, and I was totally impressed with the location and the decor (very cute and cozy) perfect sea view and right feel of the sun and the breeze.. But, yes the big but..

As always excited and comfortably going thru the menu, which comes in a shape of a huge placemat. I was ready to try more than I thought I could eat – so I asked my server to get in my order and made it pretty clear in what order I wanted to be served too.

First I wanted my Booboo Buns, to be followed by Camel –wings (Cinnamon, Sugar & Lemon and Nutella for toppings) and then the main “Eggs” Scrambled Avocados and Huevos Rancheros, of course with black American coffee.

The server took the order and went for a “whatever” break – so my eggs arrive first and I was not happy – I sent it back. Finally the Booboo buns arrive and I enjoyed them, but I was kinda worried about my eggs getting cold in the kitchen the whole time. Then came the Camel-Wing (I would describe it as an Indian version of ‘Puris’ with the relevant toppings.

In any case, we asked for the eggs, looked fancy however it was cold and Guess what? My Huevos Rancheros never arrived. Spoke to three different waiters, then the manager – who apologized and said it’s a new restaurant and new staff, hence the delay and miscommunication in the service. Well, you know what that is certainly not my problem. I went there with the intention to enjoy my morning, my breakfast, the view, the company and I was extremely disappointed..







So even before thinking of shooting some more pictures of the place or trying they range of cakes, I asked for my cheque and continued with my day

This is the so called food revolution happening in Kuwait however, is anyone really paying importance to what the customer wants or how the staff should be well trained before you can open to the public.  Looks can deceiving – that’s what I learnt!!

December 2014

December 2014This month – where everything ends and starts as well! Except for snow, you will find everything else in this country – which is home away from home for many of us. So Live, Laugh and Cherish every moment. Cox that is what life is made up of “Small moments” “Little things” “Few people” “Less Lies” “Tiny Truths” and “Big Hugs”!!

I am sure all of us faced many ups and downs this year just like any other year. We all might have experienced many huge and small doses of immense happiness, achievements,  triumphs, new arrivals (home, cars, weddings, promotions, transfers, babies etc.) followed by similar doses of sadness, betrayals, challenges, trials, encounters, breakups, departures (wealth, friends, loved ones, farewells etc.) The journey was definitely long but the good news is we all survived it.

Here’s to having a great December and making the most of what you love or want to love!


Back to Blogging

My intention was never to stay away from blogging for this long. However with the summer break, the jet lag, the re-opening of schools, the nonstop homework, my son’s baseball, the Eid celebrations, my groovy birthday, , the never ending Diwali parties in Kuwait and this splendid beautiful weather making me more lazy then I am, sadly didn’t inspire me to blog either.

Even though this is one of my favorite things to do (blogging) but somehow I just felt out of channel. Am sure it’s the kind of thing that happens to most of us every once in a while. I am actually having trouble thinking what to blog about, it’s been so long – so today it’s just going to be about me – I know a little self-indulgence but hey why not?

Also like to thank some of my friends who every now and then asked me rather reminded me why I wasn’t blogging and really to be away for so long and still to be remembered – thank you 🙂

I am certain there are a zillion other things I can blog about or write; unfortunately they all escape from me right now. But I am back and that’s what is important …

It would be great to hear from all of you and if you would like to share anything, please write back. Have a great start to an awesome week.back to blogging

Korean Restuarant

So I finally made it to the Korean restaurant in the Carlton Hotel in Kuwait City called KORYOKWAN. It is a small, cozy/causal dine-in restaurant and  is one of the first and oldest Korean restaurant.

I wanted to try the place for a very long time, for the sake of trying and experiencing something new. They have around 5 to 6 cabins for your private gatherings. The interiors are made up of wooden panels mostly and far eastern art pieces. They also do events and catering outside the hotel (if you are interested).

The Korean cuisine is mostly based on vegetables, rice and meats. They traditional meals are accompanied by an array of sides such as banchan, kimchi, doenjang, soy sauce and gochujang (red chilli paste).

First thing that comes to our mind is – Kimchi, often described as spicy or sour, a traditional Korean fermented side dish made of variety of seasonings. Pickled cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi, salty scallion kimchi, Indian mustard leaf kimchi are a few. Our soup was quite healthy and had bites size pieces of tofu and spinach. You can opt for spicy or non-spicy version. I quite enjoyed the fried dumplings. Then to follow we ordered the Dolsot Bibimbap (bowl of hot white rice, topped with mushrooms, carrots, soy bean sprouts and stirred fried beef and then capped with fried egg. The stone bowl is very hot and the food right at the bottom of the bowl is crispy and sizzled. You can however, eat with various sauces and chilli pastes. But don’t forget to mix it up first. I personally, found the dishes starting from the appetizers up to their main courses a bit on the expensive side.

We rounded off our meal by sipping the Korean tea, which is made with the infusion of various leaves, roots, fruits etc.

So next time you feel like a healthy meal with a lot less calories, go and try the Korean Way of Food.













Gulf Run Car Show

Gulf Run started back in 2005 to promote automobile racing. And my son and I make it a point to go see the cars well more for my son. My son is totally enamored by cars, especially sports cars/ race cars. Hence he is also a diehard fan and a collector of Hot wheels cars.

This show is all about displaying cars and the car enthusiasts can have a look at the hottest, fastest, coolest, rare cars. Soon they will be heading off to Bahrain International Circuit for the 8th annual event in about two weeks’ time. So if anyone of you is passionate enough about cars or racing, you know where to go.

For more information : http://www.gulfrun.com

Qout Market

So this is my third trip to the Qout market after it was launched in November 2013. Although I must say I quite enjoyed the first one which was held in the Arrya Car park. However due to more and more corporate companies participating they have moved the outdoor market to the Arraya Roof top. For those of you who have not visited it yet, it is held once a month on the first Saturday of each month (opens at 10:00am to 7:00pm) until April I guess since the weather is only great till then.

You will find everything from candles, soaps, handicrafts, food items like fresh bread, cheese, homemade cupcakes, jams, jarred chutneys to dips, fresh flowers, baby stuff, arts and crafts for the kids, Ansan has a corner the children to come and play with the animals (dogs, ducks, goats, turtles), hot food stands, quick meals also lots of local and organic produce and much more.











Yasmin Farms

My Trip to the Yasmin Farms was aesthetically pleasing. It is a very rare kind of landscape to find in Kuwait. I was not only amazed at the harmony and the beauty of the place, but also the kind of productive work that goes on there. Everything from fresh cheese produce to fresh fruits and vegetables are produced here. The beautiful climatic controlled greenhouses are also an unusual treat to the eyes.

I had the fortunate chance of meeting Mr. Jamil Sultan and I must say he is a gem of a person. Very down to earth, dressed in an overall, gloves, hat, with a rake in his hand.. He was generous enough to share a whole lot of information about his farm which is spread over 3000sqm.  Not to forget he was accompanied by his two dogs, Romeo (very calm and friendly considering his size and Little Chico who is adorable too.

They have a fully stacked shop with lots of items, including variety of cheese, milk, pickles, spices, honey, olives, oils, dates, jams, fresh and dried vegetables, grains etc. This place is perfect for a morning drive followed by a healthy breakfast. So I popped the question – Do you serve breakfast here? To which I got a reply – Not yet, however they will try and open up to the public by early 2014. Which is not too far away..

They have a separate area for the cows, the goats, the horses, sheep you name it and they have it.  I passed by their enormous cow sheds which had a lot of adorable calves.

They also have some unique wooden trays and chairs for sale in the shop. Some cow bells hanging from the ceiling, milk containers on display (reminds me of the milkman in India who delivers milk on his cycle)

I did a lot of walking around the place and clicked a lot pictures too.. The weather is so nice these days; I am contemplating going back sometime soon.

You can have a look at their website to order fresh and healthy: http://yasminfarms.com or even drive down.