December 2014

December 2014This month – where everything ends and starts as well! Except for snow, you will find everything else in this country – which is home away from home for many of us. So Live, Laugh and Cherish every moment. Cox that is what life is made up of “Small moments” “Little things” “Few people” “Less Lies” “Tiny Truths” and “Big Hugs”!!

I am sure all of us faced many ups and downs this year just like any other year. We all might have experienced many huge and small doses of immense happiness, achievements,  triumphs, new arrivals (home, cars, weddings, promotions, transfers, babies etc.) followed by similar doses of sadness, betrayals, challenges, trials, encounters, breakups, departures (wealth, friends, loved ones, farewells etc.) The journey was definitely long but the good news is we all survived it.

Here’s to having a great December and making the most of what you love or want to love!


The Butterfly Inside us

Not until recently I discovered the meaning OH Well!  The symbolic meaning of the Butterfly. The more I read and see the transformation of a butterfly the more I seem to agree that it is in fact the representation for the Heart- joy, rebirth, happiness, change, hope. Not only they look so beautiful and dainty they also represent strength and gentleness.

At some point of time, we all have to go through grief and loss and perhaps the change we are not ready for yet we have no choices. Although some people may choose to retreat in a cocoon, for healing. However that is part one of the stage, we have to come out and transform, emerge as the person we should be or have to be into a different person. Hence the transformation is just like the life of a butterfly.

Like the caterpillar, this cocoons before its transformation into a butterfly but after experiencing the loss of being a caterpillar. This teaches us to live again and while we accept the change and the beauty of the change for the best.

If you watch the butterfly it will land quietly, softly and yet it is hopeful and full of belief into its new form. Hence we learn to live forever yet changed and transformed into someone we were not. A chance to reconceive ourselves, to be reborn as individuals out of whatever loss or change it is.

If we try we all can emerge from the cocooned dark place, accept the change and transform into a different person.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty”. – Maya Angelou

We always seem to resist the change and the suffering yet, when we do, that is what sets us free. We all have a little bit of butterfly inside us and unlike them, we have more than once to experience that – our beliefs, opinions, ideas, perceptions etc can be changed and transformed over and over again.

Another favourite quote that I like is:

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

To name a few, In China, it symbolises love. Chinese legend has it that the Butterfly symbolizes an undying bond between lovers.

In the Ancient Celts, it represents the carrying of the souls of the dead from Purgatory to the Heaven

In Greek it is associated with the Goddess “Psyche” forever linked with love with Eros (Cupid) – both hopelessly in love with the other.

In ancient Egypt they reigning as the symbol of Isis.

The nearly unlimited symbols of butterflies exemplifies the advent of hope for a change for a better life, a better world.

So people, spread your wings and transform beautifully.

Such a small, tiny creature yet so graceful, full of life and colour represent so much hope. I am sure we all have seen butterflies in real life and somehow we always stare at them until they are not visible to the eye anymore and even better is when we are surrounded by our children, we shout out to them and say “Look Look – Look at the Butterfly”