Julaia’ Hotel and Resort

We have stepped in October already and the weather in the morning or in the late evenings is pure perfection. Slight breeze, clean, with just a hint of autumn.. (now I am only talking about early morning and late evenings)… I can hear the beautiful chirping of the birds in they golden cage in my neighbor’s patio and it all seems just right.. to begin your day with until of course you hit the roads..

However, if you are in one of those moods to go for a long drive and  take out some rare time for yourself, I would recommend driving towards 245 to the Julai Hotel and Resort.

There have around three to four restaurants.. I have been there a couple of times before but on one of my recent trip to the place I visited the Avenue Restaurant, located in the basement:

I ordered a Strawberry cocktail for my drink – which was very refreshing.

As a starter a Platter of Chicken Wings with some Bbq sauce, which tasted weird.

For the main course, Lamb Chops (I always ask for it to be well done) tender and succulent accompanied by the right amount of vegetables seasoned with herbs and spices to add zest to the flavor.

Along with it, I ordered a Prawn Biryani, great with a dollop of pickles and ratia (just what I love). It was delicious and a must order.

Last but not the least, for my sweet tooth, I had Tiramisu cake and a Cappucino… All in All, worth the time and the drive and the company 😉

So get behind your driving wheel and go get some me time.

Me Time Free Time

A lot of people want to have a “It’s my life and I am free” attitude. They want to change and yet they want to be themselves which means they are not really changing for the better at all, but rather as per they convenience.

“ME TIME” or “FREE TIME” these words can be very tricky in our so called free-fallen world.

We all need space and time for ourselves and that is what most of the magazines or various therapists will suggest in this modern world, they would normally recommend to give yourselves at least 10 minutes of Me Time/ Free Time on a daily basis. But I am sure we all will never be satisfied with just 10 minutes (because that is just too less) but even an hour or even a day, would it make a difference if we have it our way? Personally I think it won’t but then that’s me talking on behalf of the whole world .

What the majority of us think about as freedom is truly exploitation of freedom. There are two major issues with this attitude. First is the word “Me”. Now “Me means I” Like I said earlier the so called modern population does not have an indication of who they are but they are more influenced by the surroundings they live in and the situation they are faced with then they act according to what suits them best. What car we drive, how we live, what we wear, who we hang out with, who we want to hang out with. All of this confuses the poor “ME” and hence we become just another fallen human being which I am not saying is not normal. Just thinking out loud!!

The other tacky word is “FREE”. Again (I mention the word) in “modern” times the idea of freedom to do anything that pleases you that very moment which does not give you the license to steal or kill someone. Freedom has limitations.
It also does not mean you can act like a selfish B_ _ _ _ _ or an egotistic B __ _ _ _ _! Now that is purely my point of view. There is a huge difference in doing what fancies you at all cost or abandoning someone to pursue your so called happiness or in other words ME TIME. (I am sorry just can’t stress enough) 🙂

To sum it “It’s ok to restore yourself when you are alone but don’t destroy someone else in the meantime.”

Stressing on the fact that, that we are all not like this intentionally (a BIG maybe) we tend to be very very selfish and to hell with the world attitude doesn’t benefit us for long time but by then it’s too late to.

Most of us are slaves of our qualms and self-centeredness. And if we really want to be free we must begin with outlining freedom by our conscious mind.