Life is a Theater

Invite Your Audience Carefully

Not Everyone Is Spiritually Healthy And Mature Enough To Have A Front Row Seat In Our Lives.
There Are Some People In Our Life That Need To Be Loved From A Distance.
It’s Amazing What You Can Accomplish When You Let Go, Or At Least Minimize Your Time With Draining, Negative, Incompatible, Not-Going-Anywhere Relationships, Friendships, Fellowships.
Observe The Relationships Around You.
Pay Attention To : Which Ones Lift And Which Ones Lean…
Which Ones Encourage And Which Ones Discourage…
Which Ones Are On A Path Of Growth Uphill And Which Ones Are Going Downhill..
When You Leave Certain People, Do You Feel Better Or Feel Worse?
Which Ones Always Have Drama Or Don’t Really Understand, Know And Appreciate
You And The Gift That Lies Within You…
When You Seek Growth, Peace Of Mind, Love And Truth, The Easier It Will Become
For You To Decide Who Gets To Sit In The Front Row And Who Should Be Moved To The Balcony Of Your Life.
You Cannot Change The People Around You But You Can Change The People You Are Around With.
So Thank God for this beautiful Life and Choose Wisely The People
Who Sit In The Front Row Of Your Life.

life is a theatre

Week 6/52

For as long as I have known, I dedicate this month to love – cox it’s all about love. And if you browse thru my previous posts in Feb since I started blogging – all you will ever come across is love. It doesn’t mean we cannot have a bad day or a bad moment, but just the overall blanket feeling of love is in the air – and it doesn’t have to be for one individual or a particular reason. To start with it has to be for you. Love yourself and the rest will follow.

Just like me why don’t you pledge this month to love also and make a note everyday about love or for a your loved one or about something you love to do.. They are endless things, people, places, moments, memories, hobbies just love love love ….

You are impeccable the way you are, and stop wanting for certain people to like you, call you, befriend you, stop desiring you looked like the other person in the room(at a party) and stop being unhappy with yourself. Don’t crave attention from the wrong people, especially those who end up hurting you all the time.  You are who you are because of your face, your body, your personality and your oddities, accept them, love them.

Smile, be confident and keep your heels high (for all the women) and keep you head high (for all the men). Some people are going to hate you for being happy and for being you, but you know what screw them!!!! It’s your life and you are meant to be who you are, your flaws, your imperfections, all of you makes “you awesomely amazing”! Don’t let anyone put you down (well at least try that they don’t succeed..)



Authenticity means living, speaking and being in alignment with your inner self. It means to live your truth. Saying how you feel, doing what your soul wants to do, following your intuition. These things are not easy. But when we make an effort to do this, we create a space for others to do the same and we start to notice magic happening around us in the form of “coincidences” and “synchronicities”. When you do things from your soul, people dig that shit. And if they don’t then let them go and make room for people who appreciate and love you for who you are.

PPl dig that shit

Be Yourself and Happy Countdown to 2015!!

So you think you can ignore?

You want to ignore me – please be my guest.

Ignoring someone in the same room, can be a bit of a task. It is not that you choose to be this person, however circumstance/ situations make you keeping running into such people.

So I have observed what people do and maybe I should share these tips:

  1. Avoid eye contact. I think this is by far the best and the safest way to do it. As long as your eyes do not meet and you do not acknowledge the person actually exists. You are doing a good job.
  2. Distance yourself. Obviously if you were important enough, you would be greeted differently, rather meet each other half way. But you know you are not on the list of greetings so stop right there and pretend to be busy elsewhere and wait for them to get the message. No point lingering around such people to catch up. Leave enough personal space for both of you to move away in a relaxed manner (although we both know what’s going on)
  3. Body Language. If you are close to the person, simply cross your legs, sip your drink, slouch, no need to smile or frown and even better make conversation to the person on the left or right.
  4. Best tool is your mobile. Call, text, click pics or play a game. Keep your hands full and eyes focused on your mobile. This keeps you and your body busy.

So just follow these simple tricks that I have observed and learned lately. Ignoring people socially is no rocket science. In short:

  • Smile, stay busy with other friends.
  • Dance, with who you want to dance, not with someone who only wants to be seen in the picture.
  • Be engaged with your purse, your hair, your watch or your phone and pretend that nothing is going on.

Happy Ignoring !!


What does honesty get you?


Let’s be honest about it..

  1. People will not talk to you anymore that include Co- workers, Friends or family could be anyone. Your whole network of people around you will alter.
  2. Then all your fb or blog followers think you are having a real bad day or a bad life, hence you are coming up such posts. People think you hate your life.
  3. Some people will think you are losing it. And will discuss you among themselves and I will have more friends of friends who know me but think I am crazy.
  4. You need to be honest, but people will start calling you names, like idiot, Ms. know it all, mad and so on.. Becox they think you should not talk, should not speak up, should not be aware. So people start putting your down..
  5. Some people will find you interesting cox they or the rest of the 98% didn’t say the truth, and now you are the odd one out so they what to know all what you know.
  6. Some people will actually like you for your honesty and will come back to for some real talk/ advice, they know you are not harming them but at least someone is listening to you and trying to direct you.
  7. We all have our failures and downfalls; we also have nice shiny bright days. And sometimes people who have dark times, want to see the light, the light that shines on you from where they see it and they want to be in your place, even if it is just for a moment, they want to enjoy that belief. So some people will trust you. And you might form new friendships, new relationships or new connections. Cox some people believe in you.
  8. When you are honest, you are free. You don’t have to remember anything you lied about. That way you will never be caught too.. LOL!! But we humans, we think if she/ he lied then perhaps I should too. Cox this way we are even. Are we really? Or we just get deeper into a vicious circle.

So would you have someone be honest to your face? Would you be honest no matter who it is?  Of course a lot of it depends on your relationship with that so called person. But in the end you make the choice of who and how you want to be? Whether or not someone likes you for your honesty should not be your problem.


While I debate whether to write this post, I decided that it was my blog and the best place to put it.

Our parents and grandparents – all had a life before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Google Plus and guess what they made real connections and some of their relationships are even thriving today!

And then Social networking happened, where it was easier, quicker and cheaper to reach people for small talk, name dropping and lots of scams..

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any new “must be on it” social media site. So let’s talk about it. What happens when you have all of these accounts and update them religiously? Well we know so much about all our friends, followers, acquaintances, strangers, friend’s friends. We know when they woke up, what car they are driving, how they kids look like, what kinda of friends they hang out with, how often they travel, how cute, sexy and hot they are and how absurd, immature and mindless they can sound.

More so, we get a heads up or we simply follow what everyone is doing, wish birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, graduations, happy holidays and the list can go on.

More importantly – do we care, are we the only ones making a big deal about the picture you neighbor just posted or do you want to be the first one to know who was invited to the most prominent peoples house. You know the best part is you are not alone doing this, and nobody cares. As in nobody really cares about the details of other people. You can tweet all you want, hit the like buttons as many times a day and if you are really trying to grab attention, type a random awesome, amazing, Kool, wow, lol, god bless, comment!!

People who spend unlimited time on these sites are self-loving, self-important, selfish individuals who are craving for attention, acknowledgement, approval, confirmations from other people. Now like I said you are not alone in this and maybe there is nothing wrong with all that. However all these self-loving, self-important, selfish people are looking for approvals from other people, than this social sites will only work if “you like my post and guess what I will like your post too”. Call it a virtual contract between your friends, followers or family.

So why are we interested in who was stuck in traffic on the way to work, why do we post temperatures, why do we post selfies, why do we post where we are going to burn out our calories and why do we all post Facebook look backs immediately, why cannot we wait till the whole world has finished doing it. Why do we have to name our purses and bags and give them colors to make it sound so >>>>>>.

So is it that we are bored or the fear of we might miss out and feel left out of the social circles. Is it a waste of our time, does it stir more jealousy in some of our friends / relatives / acquaintances? Are we receiving good thoughts or negative vibes? Why do we limit our posts to certain groups only? Why don’t we want to leave it? Rather why don’t we think and spend sensible time on social networking sites? Is this more important while driving to have to look that new notification? Is it worth the danger to your life? Is it worth looking at the phone at the traffic light and check out the recent updates in the last four and half minutes or you rather talk to your child/ partner/ a live person in the car.. or even look at the scenery around you be it the flowers on the roadside, the new advertisement, the sun set, the clouds, the birds, the kites flying in the sky or simply watch the road and be safe.

Why pretend to be busy when we are killing time.. Do you really want to be in such a circle or around it and if you are still planning to stay, think about the dos and the don’ts. So if you really want to get social with me and not pretend you know me outside the box, well then baby its time you either step in the box yourself or just leave the box. If my English sounds Spanish to you then I guess it’s time to unfriend. And the same goes for your twitter feeds, your Instagram account – that’s why it lets you give permission who to add and who not to.

social network