Always on the lookout for something special, I spied a restaurant in an odd location in Kuwait City and stopped to take a look.  SLICE – run by two Kuwaiti entrepreneurs serves Greek gyros and German döners. The restaurant is a bit small with a limited menu but it more than makes up with its quality.

Open from 6:00pm to 10:30pm, Slice offers Chicken or döner Beef in a wrap or pita bread with the normal array of vegetables. Their success lies with their range of sauces, from Tzatziki to Tahina which elevate the meal to a new level.

I tired both the bread- the pita was good but the wrap with Tahina, Chilli and Garlic for nothing short of amazing.

Each bread (includes the whole sandwich) costs 1.750 KD – the place is not fancy but it should be on your list of places to try.

Location – Kuwait City, Between the Liberation Tower and Baitek


Copper Chimney

Well i have been postponing my visit to this newly opened (almost 5 months ago) Indian restaurant located at Bidaa known as “Copper Chimney”. It’s a franchise from India and finally I thought to myself we have got a new addition to the already existing Nice – Semi Causal Indian Dinning restaurants.. So here i go to enjoy and savor our authentic Indian cuisine..

To begin with I must admit the staff and the service were both excellent something that I have really been missing out, on my recent visits to various restaurants … However, I wish I could say the same about the food.. Normally it would really take someone to Piss me Off for me to really give a bad review about the place.. But excuse my honesty.. I just have to say its a NO NO for me and to top it off the exorbitant prices!!!! Did I just eat with a golden spoon ??? Not that i hadn’t been warned about the place but then thanks to my nature I like to give everyone the slight benefit of the doubt.. andn choice of food..

Indian Condiments

 Indian Condiments (Chutney, pickles and Mitti or Imli Chutney) – to enhance and give the extra flavouring to the food along with a basket of pompadams..

Jhinga Nisha

Jhinga Nisha  – Grilled Prawns, which were not too bad or i must be hungry, cox i only remembered to take the picture after i had eaten two, just to be fair there are 6 in a platter @ 7.600 KD (yup that’s right)

Burrah Chop

Burrah Chop – since I am always craving for the perfect Lamb chops – I ordered it first on the list .. but I thought the Masala (marinade) for the prawns and the Lamb was quite similar and not done upto my expectations… which can be high at times… 😉 @ KD 4.950

Mahi Tikka Lasooni

 Mahi Tikka Lasooni – Boneless Fried Fish Fillets, (lasooni means garlic flavoured) @ KD 5.850 – it could have been more Lasooni…

Murg Rahra

 Murg Rahra – I somehow assume one cannot go wrong with a chicken dish, but I guess I could not make a difference in Murg Rahra or was it Butter chicken with no taste, only color.. @ KD 4.200

Lachcha Paratha and Pyaz Ka Kulcha

 Lachcha Paratha and Pyaz Ka Kulcha – My Favourite – I love breads in any form or cuisine (hmnnn not too bad) @ KD 0.650 for each

Ras Malai

No meal is complete without the dessert – so why not order a Ras Malia ???? I thought i was chewing on a sponge cake…. @ KD 1.750

Masala tea @ KD 1.250 only difference i tasted salt in my masala chai

Blush on Ice @ KD 1.500 (lets say rose with 7-up)

Most refreshing drink (Water) Acquapanna @ KD 1.500


I happen to chance upon this place…. I am sure, pictures say a thousand words.. All in all, a very capacious, well lit, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

“Someday” serves you with an assortment of sandwiches, snacks, salads, breakfast menu, hot and cold beverages and of course my favorite part of the meal “desserts”… in a wide range..

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