Dough Cafe / Bakery

Dough Cafe and Bakery is one of the new additions in Kuwait where new restaurants are sprouting like mushrooms especially along the shoreline. This newly opened restaurant is located in the Miral Mall in Mangaf. I was there for breakfast, and I was totally impressed with the location and the decor (very cute and cozy) perfect sea view and right feel of the sun and the breeze.. But, yes the big but..

As always excited and comfortably going thru the menu, which comes in a shape of a huge placemat. I was ready to try more than I thought I could eat – so I asked my server to get in my order and made it pretty clear in what order I wanted to be served too.

First I wanted my Booboo Buns, to be followed by Camel –wings (Cinnamon, Sugar & Lemon and Nutella for toppings) and then the main “Eggs” Scrambled Avocados and Huevos Rancheros, of course with black American coffee.

The server took the order and went for a “whatever” break – so my eggs arrive first and I was not happy – I sent it back. Finally the Booboo buns arrive and I enjoyed them, but I was kinda worried about my eggs getting cold in the kitchen the whole time. Then came the Camel-Wing (I would describe it as an Indian version of ‘Puris’ with the relevant toppings.

In any case, we asked for the eggs, looked fancy however it was cold and Guess what? My Huevos Rancheros never arrived. Spoke to three different waiters, then the manager – who apologized and said it’s a new restaurant and new staff, hence the delay and miscommunication in the service. Well, you know what that is certainly not my problem. I went there with the intention to enjoy my morning, my breakfast, the view, the company and I was extremely disappointed..







So even before thinking of shooting some more pictures of the place or trying they range of cakes, I asked for my cheque and continued with my day

This is the so called food revolution happening in Kuwait however, is anyone really paying importance to what the customer wants or how the staff should be well trained before you can open to the public.  Looks can deceiving – that’s what I learnt!!

The Breakfast Club

Having grabbed my attention, a few days ago, I have been wanting to try this place for a couple of weeks now and finally got a chance. Since the name says it all, you cannot go there after your working hours during normal week days cox they timings are only from 5:00am (yes that’s right ) till 2:30pm (FYI – Tuesday is they day off). So finally a friend of mine and I decided to go and have breakfast there this morning. And this is what I think about the place.

Location : Block 1, Street 1, Fintas, Kuwait 

The Executive Chef who received us and served us too

The Menu

It was quite interesting – although they had a wide variety , the Indian in me was somehow inclined to the Full Indian Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with onions, tomato, hot green chills, chapattis with sweet mango chutney and spiced potatoes – KD 3.750

It is thankfully not very spicy and I loved the flavors. The portions were pretty good too. (I should recommend them to start accompanying it with Masala Chai too )

And my friend ordered the Eggs as you like – basically you can decide how you want them done and with a choice of sausages/bacon  potatoes and toast. – KD 2.750

I guess she had a good fill too except we only discovered now, that we were not served the toast along with it (no idea why we didn’t notice it then, I guess the quantity was good enough so we didn’t miss out on much.)

And we ordered a coffee(KD 0.950) and a fresh orange juice (KD 0.950) to go along with it.

Overall experience, a neat and nice place to try in the morning for some early heavy breakfast – since otherwise the timings are not too convenient! Although by the time we were leaving all the tables inside were already occupied and one outside too. So people head out there on a perfect beautiful morning  as long as you can still enjoy this cool weather in Kuwait (minus the sand storms of course)!! I am glad there are more of these kind of breakfast places opening up other than the usual Frozen Yogurts and Pizzerias we see these days.