Gulf Run Car Show

Gulf Run started back in 2005 to promote automobile racing. And my son and I make it a point to go see the cars well more for my son. My son is totally enamored by cars, especially sports cars/ race cars. Hence he is also a diehard fan and a collector of Hot wheels cars.

This show is all about displaying cars and the car enthusiasts can have a look at the hottest, fastest, coolest, rare cars. Soon they will be heading off to Bahrain International Circuit for the 8th annual event in about two weeks’ time. So if anyone of you is passionate enough about cars or racing, you know where to go.

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So you start with any light weight (not so expensive) frame – I use Ikea frames mostly.

Choose any color of an acrylic paint and start painting with the help of a foam brush (it comes in different widths)

Once you have finished painting all the sides, inside and outside – let it dry for 10 minutes at least.

Now my son brings me all the cars he doesnt want and the broken parts too (which were supposed to be thrown away after the clean up)

Once you have all your junk together, just try to put on the frame to see how it’s gonna look and its easier to move around if you are not happy with the look..

And then with the help of a glue gun (recommended) or a super glue (heavy duty for wood, metal, plastics) stick your items to the frame

 Of course i choose the pics for the frame with a similar theme..

Done – Hung on his wall in his room!

Happy Mothers Day to Me!

Having posted this overwhelming drawing, “Wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day” from my One and Only, I do not feel the need to post anything else or write anything else – Just feel blessed to be a mom to a somewhat naughty, full hands on but also to the most sensitive, lovely, caring and adorable son….
So here’s wishing My Mom, myself and all the kool moms – a very Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Children’s Day

Today being Children’s day got me thinking, and as nostalgia hit in came the thoughts of my carefree youth, the best of days as being the youngest of three – I was the most pampered one and got away with all my mischief.
Looking at my son today, I can now see how things were not so easy for my parents having all us three running around causing havoc and for having put up with us I want to say a big Thank You to them.

To my son I would like to thank him to teaching me the following:
If you don’t know what it is and how it works, go ahead and try it
Before you do anything strange, make sure you are being watched.
A hug and a kiss will always do the trick, if not try the puppy face move – that always works
It’s okay to fall down, the point is to get up and start running again.
All important things in life like homework can be delayed by napping or bathroom breaks.
Half your habits are the fault of your parents – Yes I too bite my nails and eat way too much chocolate
You can cry even when you are happy
You don’t need to comb your hair daily, your looks are enough
Older people are always right, well at least tell them that so they stop talking! and last but not the least,
Playing outdoor games indoors is always more fun – Yes son that vase was really not that expensive.

No matter what moment in time – Children will be Children and I would like to wish everyone including my one and only son, a very Happy Children’s Day.