While I debate whether to write this post, I decided that it was my blog and the best place to put it.

Our parents and grandparents – all had a life before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Google Plus and guess what they made real connections and some of their relationships are even thriving today!

And then Social networking happened, where it was easier, quicker and cheaper to reach people for small talk, name dropping and lots of scams..

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any new “must be on it” social media site. So let’s talk about it. What happens when you have all of these accounts and update them religiously? Well we know so much about all our friends, followers, acquaintances, strangers, friend’s friends. We know when they woke up, what car they are driving, how they kids look like, what kinda of friends they hang out with, how often they travel, how cute, sexy and hot they are and how absurd, immature and mindless they can sound.

More so, we get a heads up or we simply follow what everyone is doing, wish birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, graduations, happy holidays and the list can go on.

More importantly – do we care, are we the only ones making a big deal about the picture you neighbor just posted or do you want to be the first one to know who was invited to the most prominent peoples house. You know the best part is you are not alone doing this, and nobody cares. As in nobody really cares about the details of other people. You can tweet all you want, hit the like buttons as many times a day and if you are really trying to grab attention, type a random awesome, amazing, Kool, wow, lol, god bless, comment!!

People who spend unlimited time on these sites are self-loving, self-important, selfish individuals who are craving for attention, acknowledgement, approval, confirmations from other people. Now like I said you are not alone in this and maybe there is nothing wrong with all that. However all these self-loving, self-important, selfish people are looking for approvals from other people, than this social sites will only work if “you like my post and guess what I will like your post too”. Call it a virtual contract between your friends, followers or family.

So why are we interested in who was stuck in traffic on the way to work, why do we post temperatures, why do we post selfies, why do we post where we are going to burn out our calories and why do we all post Facebook look backs immediately, why cannot we wait till the whole world has finished doing it. Why do we have to name our purses and bags and give them colors to make it sound so >>>>>>.

So is it that we are bored or the fear of we might miss out and feel left out of the social circles. Is it a waste of our time, does it stir more jealousy in some of our friends / relatives / acquaintances? Are we receiving good thoughts or negative vibes? Why do we limit our posts to certain groups only? Why don’t we want to leave it? Rather why don’t we think and spend sensible time on social networking sites? Is this more important while driving to have to look that new notification? Is it worth the danger to your life? Is it worth looking at the phone at the traffic light and check out the recent updates in the last four and half minutes or you rather talk to your child/ partner/ a live person in the car.. or even look at the scenery around you be it the flowers on the roadside, the new advertisement, the sun set, the clouds, the birds, the kites flying in the sky or simply watch the road and be safe.

Why pretend to be busy when we are killing time.. Do you really want to be in such a circle or around it and if you are still planning to stay, think about the dos and the don’ts. So if you really want to get social with me and not pretend you know me outside the box, well then baby its time you either step in the box yourself or just leave the box. If my English sounds Spanish to you then I guess it’s time to unfriend. And the same goes for your twitter feeds, your Instagram account – that’s why it lets you give permission who to add and who not to.

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The Selfie Revolution

That’s right — it’s “selfie.”
If you don’t know what a selfie is, Oxford Dictionaries defines it as:
Use of selfie has probably gone up from 2013 and keeps rising among celebrities as well as normal public. In the past few months alone, arm’s-length auto-photos of Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston, Nick Jonas and Chris Pratt have all gone viral. And a British poll rated Rihanna the worlds best when it comes to taking the self-aimed shot.
If you want to see star selfies at a recent 56th Annual Grammy Awards go to:
Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – that’s nothing!! There are new selfie social network apps for people to be able to share their faces (happy, sad), abs, tongues, duck faces, everyday moments (modeling, graduate, married, breakup), hairstyles (from brown to blonde), makeup (from pale to tan) new glasses, you name it and you can do it. And if you want to post them on Instagram the hashtag is #selfie. How original is that?
So besides, being modest or not, selfies are a big thing now and the tech world knows they are a thing, that’s why there apps developed for the sole purpose of making your selfies simpler and better for you..Whether you have an Android or an IPhone, these apps can help you with your selfie:


I love going through ZenPencils – often my favorite quotes are transformed into comic stories. The recent one about the social media generation is a new one for me, but it hits home. Many a times having lunch with my friends , I see people on their phones and I guess the zen pencil story below makes absolute sense.