Keeping up Appearances

We both know that
you like me
and I like you
and it is all about
who admits it


let’s go out
and pretend not
to like each other
over lunch.

Maybe we can pretend
not to like each other
for dinner, later,
or breakfast the next morning.

Maybe we can pretend
that we kiss because
we’re drunk,

Call because we’re bored.

We can pretend
not to care
for as long as you like,

but darling, no one
ever choked to death
swallowing their pride.

One thought on “Keeping up Appearances”

  1. Perfectly articulated a stressed relationship,the eerie silence ,the worries and the anxiety of a bond that’s being stretched to a breaking point …And the painful fact that one of the two in a relationship is consciously making it evident…. it’s surreal.

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