Day 3 of 7 Celebrate!

Day Three – more than one reason to Celebrate today !!

I have to admit, when I started my blog a year ago on 7th March 2011, I wasn’t sure what I would do with it or if I would even have something to share and keep it going for this long, but today I can truly say “There are two mistakes one can make along the road – not going all the way and not starting ~Buddha~”.  I would like thank some of my real close people who have always made the time to stop by here and to the few subscribers that I have, who have also expressed they thoughts and opinions in a very positive way. So Happy One year Anniversary to my Blog!

Now that we have got that out of the way. Today reminds me of another quote: “In our lives there is a simple colour, as on an artist’s palatte, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the colour of love.”

So here’s wishing everyone a Loving, Colourful and Blessed Holi!

I have used the Splash Painting Technique – its one messy way to paint unless you have all your area covered nicely!! But lots of fun splashing various colours just to get the right effect.. Since it is my first time at this I used an 18” rectangle canvas with lots of Acrylic paints and a toothbrush, which is more useful for this technique than a paint brush… and (cuttings of Ek Onkar and Ganeshji are from some old weddings invitations cards lying at home and to give the ethnic look I put in the little silver piece and around it a few of my fav stick on stones..

And another reason to celebrate today is the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’s DAY!

Margaret Thatcher
“If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman”.

Having said that it’s not about acting or being superior to the other gender. It is not about who can cook better, who can do the dishes first, who can earn more or even who knows how to change the diaper competently but it’s about recognizing the importance and the capabilities of the Women these days, and giving them the credit they truly deserve!!

Day 2 of 7 Small Art

Day Two – Cork Top Bottle 6-3/4″ tall 4.01oz

Although this is not a lot of work but I call it as Small Art. Small art that can make a big difference and this way your creativity of the day is done and you can go to bed at a decent hour too!!

As the saying goes : “The more minimal the art, the more maximum the explanation”.

I have painted all the four sides with the same pattern, stuck four tiny stick on stones and wrapped a length of raffia strings around the neck of the bottle (from my recycle stock).

And Voila!!

Creativity Week – Day 1 of 7

All it takes a little willpower, a little dedication and a bit of passion to continue to do something you did or enjoyed in the past and not get distracted by the mundane routine of our so called busy lives. So I decided to make some time and commitment to myself for at least a week.

There is an old saying, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Just the act of getting started and at a glance you can tell if it was all worth your time and effort….

Well I totally think it is! I believe it’s all about overcoming the initial inertia, and then it’s much simpler to keep going. So Wish me luck and I hope I can remain Creative for the next seven days!!! {at least} 🙂

Day One – My Colourful Bird (size A4)

The Breakfast Club

Having grabbed my attention, a few days ago, I have been wanting to try this place for a couple of weeks now and finally got a chance. Since the name says it all, you cannot go there after your working hours during normal week days cox they timings are only from 5:00am (yes that’s right ) till 2:30pm (FYI – Tuesday is they day off). So finally a friend of mine and I decided to go and have breakfast there this morning. And this is what I think about the place.

Location : Block 1, Street 1, Fintas, Kuwait 

The Executive Chef who received us and served us too

The Menu

It was quite interesting – although they had a wide variety , the Indian in me was somehow inclined to the Full Indian Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with onions, tomato, hot green chills, chapattis with sweet mango chutney and spiced potatoes – KD 3.750

It is thankfully not very spicy and I loved the flavors. The portions were pretty good too. (I should recommend them to start accompanying it with Masala Chai too )

And my friend ordered the Eggs as you like – basically you can decide how you want them done and with a choice of sausages/bacon  potatoes and toast. – KD 2.750

I guess she had a good fill too except we only discovered now, that we were not served the toast along with it (no idea why we didn’t notice it then, I guess the quantity was good enough so we didn’t miss out on much.)

And we ordered a coffee(KD 0.950) and a fresh orange juice (KD 0.950) to go along with it.

Overall experience, a neat and nice place to try in the morning for some early heavy breakfast – since otherwise the timings are not too convenient! Although by the time we were leaving all the tables inside were already occupied and one outside too. So people head out there on a perfect beautiful morning  as long as you can still enjoy this cool weather in Kuwait (minus the sand storms of course)!! I am glad there are more of these kind of breakfast places opening up other than the usual Frozen Yogurts and Pizzerias we see these days.

Google’s New Privacy Policy

Effective March 1st, If you want to avoid Google from evidently linking all your hush-hush files, documents, numbers, facts and figures basically all the information it has gathered from your Gmail, YouTube, Google+ or any other Google related searches and accounts, you can NOW remove your Web History and STOP it from being recorded and passed on.

It is pretty easy to do that, i have attached a couple of links as follows :

Good Luck and Happy Browsing!!